What’s SUP Ibiza?

STAnd up paddle board in IBIZA

Of all the marvellous things that make Ibiza a heavenly destination, its natural beauty takes the number one position. After you’ve indulged in the latest music at the best clubs and tasted the flavours of innovative cuisine, experienced the romantic history hidden in cute villages and met characters from all corners of the globe, the one constant that leaves an indelible impression is the deep blue sea.

The Mediterranean operates as Mother Nature’s metronome, keeping a rhythm connected to the moon that soon seeps into every soul that steps onto this gorgeous island. There are a million ways to connect and commune with the sea from open water swimming, diving and snorkelling to jetskiing and kite surfing. But the one sea-based activity you must not miss is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP as it’s referred to along the shores of Ibiza.

The magic of seeing Ibiza from the water is unsurpassable. The reds, greens and blues of the landscape shimmer in the sunlight while underneath your board the translucent water appears to sparkle above the white sandy bottom. You’ll spot octopus, fish of all sizes, starfish and hermit crabs as well as herons, cormorants, egrets, petrels, falcons and shags – and you may even find yourself paddling alongside dolphins. The sense of freedom makes the heart surge as all around you the gentle wavelets of the Med stretch out towards the horizon.

While SUP seems to have popped up on everyone’s social media feeds in the last couple of years, it’s actually been enjoyed as a pastime since 1000 BCE – that’s about 3000 years ago. It’s thought this primal activity emerged alongside surfing and once you get the hang of it you can easily understand why. Unlike surfing, SUP is easy to pick up no matter how young, old, tall or small you are. There’s no better feeling than gliding along the gentle surface of the Med as your friends or family fan out around you, fish swim below and above is only pure blue sky.

Fun aside there are ways of extracting maximum benefit from your SUP sessions. A standard outing will work every major muscle group while a concentrated effort will raise your heart rate for a spell of cardio. The positioning, forward movement and internal control provide an excellent low impact workout for the core, back and shoulders. For a stronger challenge, try SUP yoga for the ultimate core workout to practice balance and control. There’s really nothing like the peace that envelops you at the end of a SUP yoga session. Lying in savasana on your board, breathing in the fresh salt air, feeling the sun on your skin and the water under you is a meditation like no other.

Physical aspects of being out on the water are already well noted, but scientific studies have also shown that proximity to water is an effective stress buster. Sports scientists from the US National Institute of Health conducted one study on the physical aspects of SUP that also found an association between the aquatic pastime and perceived quality of life. In short, SUP makes you feel amazing, especially when you’re doing it with a bunch of friends or your family along the turquoise coast of Ibiza.

ibiza is a prime spot for sup AFICIONADOS

Fortunately for our guests, 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is surrounded by prime SUP spots and we work closely with our partners at Rock ID, who organise everything from gear and accessories, to pick up and drop off plus GoPro's and delicious organic snacks and lunches. SUP is one of those activities that crosses all age groups, making it an ideal for families. And if you are travelling with your canine companion (7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is a dog-friendly hotel after all), you’ll be happy to hear that your furry friend can even accompany you as a paddle buddy.

There are very few experiences that match the feeling of paddle boarding around Ibiza. Make the most of your time by combining your adventure with a day of activities from cliff diving, sailing, snorkelling or a quad tour. Paddle to isolated coves and caves accessed only via the sea, float past soaring red cliffs or make landfall at an out-of-the-way chiringuito before communing with the colours of the setting sun over the water. This dolphin’s eye view of the island is breath-taking – as good for the soul as it is for the body.

Contact our concierge team to book your SUP adventure next time you stay with us.

E: concierge.ibiza@7Pines.com                                                             T: +34 971 195 200


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