Wellness retreats in paradise – Tailor made by Pure Seven

Wellness retreats in paradise – Tailor made by Pure Seven

When is a holiday not a holiday? When it is also a wellness retreat. Pure Seven, the wellness centre and spa at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza is like a sun around which myriad professionals orbit providing the highest quality health, fitness and wellbeing services. In addition to daily wellbeing and beauty treatments, four different retreat types have been designed specifically for resort guests by Pure Seven spa director Lucía Peris. These bespoke packages focus on exact areas of lifestyle and health to promote your body’s natural resources and provide a sense of wellbeing.

Retreats are monitored and presided over by Lucía, who works closely with the resort’s executive chef Bijendra Yadav to create menus tailored to the individual. The Pure Seven team functions from a holistic ethos that permeates throughout the whole resort. Each program starts with a pre-arrival consultation followed by a face-to-face consultation with Lucía. From the signature tea and energising juice provided each morning to the day you check out, the Pure Seven team are there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Pure Seven is like a sun around which myriad professionals orbit providing the highest quality health, fitness and wellbeing services in Ibiza.


This is the program for those who need to pack a punch in a short space of time. Choose between a three-night or a seven-night package to recalibrate, revitalise and reboot your life inside and out. While the sun sparkles across the Mediterranean and the healing vibrations of the island imbue your body and mind the Pure Seven wellness professionals get to work.

A coaching session helps focus on the areas that are most important to your lifestyle. Guided fitness sessions provide a base from which to build when you return home while a private mindfulness consult gives you tools to manage stress. The 60-minute facial treatment will have you glowing, especially after a stint in the oxygen bar. Spa treatments over the duration of your stay include hour-long body rituals and 90-minute luxury massages plus any other specialities you choose to add.

Each program include daily morning signature teas.


Like the wellness detox retreat, this program can be calibrated over three or seven days. The focus is placed on seeking a balance between the physical and emotional aspects of each individual’s lifestyle. After in-depth consultations pinpointing your needs and goals, this program encompasses the healing waters of the Pure Seven thermal circuit as a foundation and bases treatments around ancient techniques.

Fitness coaching and guided mindfulness activities such as yoga, meditation and Tai-Chi bring alignment to both body and mind. Massage treatments are based on Indian and Thai methodology, further connecting the spiritual with the physical. A session in the Pure Seven oxygen bar increases circulation and energises on a cellular level. The art of acupuncture is used to not only release tension but to actively promote self-healing meaning that you leave feeling a deeper connection to the self.

The Rebalance Program encompasses the healing waters of the Pure Seven thermal circuit as a foundation.


Even for the most active amongst us, there is a time where fitness levels can plateau creating stagnant routines or lack of motivation. The Pure Seven Get Fit Program is the ideal way to re-spark the body’s natural energy centres and get the mind back on track to wellness. The seven-day program is not focused solely on achieving your best body, but also on creating and maintaining good habits.

The thermal circuit in Pure Seven is essential to any fitness program, providing relief to muscle and mind. Three private fitness coaching sessions spread over the week makes sure you are on track to achieving your goals. There are ten guided activities split into five sessions for fitness or strength and five for cross training. Three massages across the week keep things supple and help focus on problem areas. Finally, the week ends with a tailor-made fitness plan for your home workout.

The Get Fit Program is the ideal way to re-spark the body’s natural energy centres and get the mind back on track to wellness.


Reaching the ideal weight can be one of the most challenging parts of maintaining personal wellness, which is why seeking professional support makes all the difference. This week-long retreat has a focus on fitness and nutrition. Three sessions with a personal fitness coach throughout the week keep you on track and supported. Two sessions with a private nutritional coach not only help with healthy eating habits but also bring an understanding of your relationship with food. A personal trainer will guide you through six private sessions designed for your fitness level and goals.

A nutrition plan is designed for your body type in consultation with the Seven Pines Resort Ibiza executive chef, ensuring meals are perfectly balanced. Additionally, three oxygen bar sessions sustain your efforts at the cellular level while five different massages ease muscle tension and promote flexibility. Finally, an aromatherapy body ritual is the pure indulgence you deserve. As usual, the foundation of the Pure Seven thermal circuit is critical to providing relief and relaxation. Leave with a personalised training plan and the knowledge that you are supported in achieving your wellness goals.

The Weight-loss Program focuses on fitness and nutrition with a tailored meal plan and personal training sessions.

Contact us to find out more or to book your own personalised retreat experience at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza: E: spa.ibiza@7pines.com T: +34 971 195 200


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