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When it comes to food, there are arguably two types of people in the world: those with a penchant for savoury flavours, and those with an insatiable sweet tooth. Now in our opinion, neither of those standpoints has more validity than the other, but what we can tell you is that aside from serving up some of the finest gastronomy in Ibiza, our chefs also take great pride in creating some of the most delicious, refined desserts you’ll find anywhere in the Mediterranean. From the gooiest of ice creams to the most exquisite pastries – sweet treats are a speciality of ours.

It helps, of course, that we also have the most spectacular of settings to enjoy delectable desserts in – oh, how sweet it is! Set atop cliffs on the west coast of the island, our restaurants are destinations in their own right – we look after a parade of both guests and visitors throughout summer, and everyone is keen to finish the day with something sweet while simultaneously admiring that famous Ibiza sunset. Whether that’s at the laid-back social hub of Cone Club or the more highbrow setting of The View upstairs, there’s no shortage of space for indulging in a little of both.

Golden Chocolate Buddha in the making, a signature dessert at the view. 

We’re lucky to have some of the world’s most gifted chefs at the helm of our restaurants too. These talented cuisine alchemists approach each and every dish with the same level of attention to detail and perfectionism, a mantra that naturally extends to dessert. As purveyors of fine food, that’s no surprise – dessert is a culinary tradition that stretches back as far as the year 1600 and in a large proportion of the world (excluding places like western Africa and China), it’s considered the most fitting way to end a meal. Derived from the French verb desservir, it literally means ‘to clear the table’, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s no greater show of appreciation than that.

The term dessert actually covers a wide bracket of confectionery, some that have maintained the exact same recipe since they were first invented, others which have developed over decades. Nevertheless, the range swings like a pendulum from biscuits, cakes, cookies and custards to ice cream, pastries, tarts and fruit. Interestingly, it’s been proven that our love for sweet things has evolved over time – it’s not a flavour humans have always sought – and that even now, it’s more of a cultural phenomenon than anything else. Regardless, all of the aforementioned treats have a place in our hearts, whether it’s in our DNA or not.

Banh Chuoi Nuong, a Vietnamese banana cake served at the view

So let’s look at what’s on offer at Cone Club, where dessert seems like the perfect end to an evening that’s been spent sipping sangria, chatting with friends and looking out on the dusky pink horizon. Here, it’s true that the atmosphere is shamelessly relaxed, but that attitude doesn’t extend to the dessert menu where sugar and spice and all things nice are taken very seriously indeed. There are five desserts listed on the Mediterranean-inspired menu (alongside some daily specials) and each one has its own, unique merits.

The fruit panaché perhaps sounds like the most simple option available – but not at Cone Club, where freshly sliced, seasonal and juicy fruit is elevated thanks to the inclusion of a watermelon mint soup – two flavours that perfectly complement one another. Next, there’s the deliciously creamy baked cheesecake (what menu is complete without one?) served with a rich and zesty red fruit coulis. Moving onto trickier executions, there’s the almond panna cotta – notoriously difficult to get right, we think ours is perfection, thanks to the addition of toasted Ibizan almonds (entire orchards of them grow on the island in spring) and the citrus kick provided by the confit lemon.

the mysterious Pure White at the view

Our hazelnut coulant has also proved a particular favourite with guests. A hot dessert with a deliciously gooey centre and a perfectly cooked crust, it’s made with a high cocoa content that gives a bitterness to the taste. That’s then lifted by the fresh milk ice cream it’s served with – a genuine match made in heaven. Finally, there’s the Revani – a Turkish style semolina cake drenched with syrup, served with AOVE ice cream and chocolate cream. This is a decadently rich end to every meal – one that’s steeped in Ottoman history.

Over at The View, our imaginations are allowed to run riot with just a smattering of information hinted at with the title of each dessert. There’s the Golden Chocolate Buddha, for instance, made purely from just Ashanti Grand Cru Couverture 67% (lavish dark chocolate beans) and passionfruit. There’s the Banh Chuoi Nuong, a Vietnamese banana cake served with caramel and kalamansi (a king of Philippine lime); the Mango Sticky Rice Coconut and Green Shiso (part of the mint family); and then to finish, the mysterious Pure White, for which our chefs will give no further information. You simply have to taste it to believe it. 

So book a table, grab a loved one and a fork and dive in – culinary bliss lies in wait and it truly does taste as sweet as it sounds.

Book a table online at Cone Club or at The View.  


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