The power of touch

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As humans, we crave touch. Scientific studies have proven that contact with a loved one can soothe physical pain. Similarly, the act of hugging another being can comfort to the extent that it’s been proven to ease anxiety. We’re a tactile species, and touch has myriad positive affects on our wellbeing. Imagine then, the outcome of combining touch with a combination of ancient and modern techniques that have been curated to actively boost health and mindset. Book yourself in for a Pure Seven Signature Massage – a treatment designed by our highly trained therapists for optimum results – and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The experience of breathing deeply and resetting begins the moment you step foot within our luxurious wellness centre, Pure Seven. Set on a dramatic clifftop overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the mystical outcrop of Es Vedra – considered a prominent energy source on Ibiza – the stresses and strains of the day begin to disperse in the presence of such natural beauty. Arrive early and that process is cemented in the first class Pure Relax spa circuit, where the body is simultaneously calmed and invigorated thanks to the combination of heat, massage and buoyancy provided by each step.

"resetting begins the moment you step foot within our luxurious wellness centre."

It’s in the stylish treatment rooms however, that a sense of profound relaxation really settles in. Guests are met by an experienced and highly trained therapist who leads them to a comfortable chair and first of all, offers a warming foot bath. As they sink back in the seat, they are presented with a choice of ESPA aromatherapy essential oils, which engage the olfactory system, subsequently stimulating body and mind. This act of instinctive choice is rooted in the idea that you will choose the oil that most speaks to you in that moment – a natural reaction to what your body is craving. Lavender based oils are soothing and restful, for instance, while chamomile improves mood and lemon refreshes. This particular blend of oil is then used throughout your massage.

What follows is an all over body massage that combines a unique selection of techniques that work together in total harmony. Cocooned on a heated massage table, with restful sounds playing and the lights dimmed, feet and legs are the first area to receive attention. The therapist applies gentle pressure to reflexology points on each foot, unblocking energy meridians and encouraging the internal release of stress. Warm oil is then poured onto each leg and massaged using long, light, sweeping strokes to free tensions from the muscle. The practice of Shiatsu is then used to stretch and realign the legs, allowing energy to flow more freely along the body’s meridian lines.

before the treatment, guests are presented with a choice of espa aromatherapy essential oils for them to choose from, stimulating your body to select what it is craving. 

The therapist then moves methodically up the body. They place hot stones on the lower back, which encourages detoxification in the kidneys while warming and relaxing muscles, allowing them to apply deeper pressure without causing discomfort. This is then combined with Balinese massage, in which the therapist uses both hands and arms to release strain from the back, neck and shoulder area. Shiatsu is also woven into the experience now, with pressure applied to acupuncture points along the entire length of the spine to help with circulation, balance and relaxation.

With the guest now resting in a state of deep, blissed-out calm, focus shifts to the front of the body – an area often left untouched during regular massage. The therapist pays particular attention to the centre of the chest – a technique employed to help regulate ease of breathing. Pressure points in the side of the chest are also manipulated, which in turn works to free up the shoulders – an area where customarily we carry a lot of tension. Approaching the shoulder from a different angle in this way adds another dimension to the usual release techniques used to reduce tension in these muscles.

our signature massage combines hot stones with deep tissue, balinese and shiatsu massage techniques. 

The final stages of this profoundly restorative massage include the stomach, face and scalp. Warm oil is poured onto the stomach and hot stones are swirled atop the skin, following the pattern of the intestines to internally cleanse the body and aid with digestion. It’s an extremely comforting sensation, one that helps guests to sink even further into a Zen-like condition. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a neck, face, and scalp massage, which has the dual aim of both re-balancing and aligning the area, as well as promoting a vivid sense of restfulness.

At 90 minutes long, every second of our Pure Seven Signature Massage has been created to ensure our guests leave the spa feeling completely rejuvenated. Designed by our highly trained team of therapists, drawing on years’ worth of experience to bring together the best and most relaxing techniques, there’s no doubt that this is the unequivocal star of the Pure Seven spa menu. Take the time to indulge the needs of body and mind and we guarantee you’ll leave floating on air – there’s nothing more poignant than the power of touch. 

Explore our spa menu here, or enquire with our Spa Team to book your treatment:

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"every second of our Pure Seven Signature Massage has been created to ensure our guests leave the spa feeling completely rejuvenated."


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