Spring into self-care

In the colder months it’s not unusual for self-care to take a back seat. We spend more time covered up and sheltering from the chill than we do following a strict skincare regime. So it’s no surprise that by the time spring has sprung we often feel like far less perfect versions of ourselves — particularly on our faces, which often take the brunt of the elements. Fortunately, all is not lost, because the dedicated team at Pure Seven — the spa offering here at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza — will be primed and ready to ease you into a state of optimum wellness this spring, with a lavish list of facial treatments suitable for everyone.

Set among one of the island’s most spectacular natural locations, the wellness centre allows both hotel guests and external visitors the chance to switch off for a few hours and spend some much needed time concentrating on nothing but total relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Looking out onto sparkling Mediterranean Sea that glistens in the sunlight, it has the capacity to instil an immediate sense of serenity, and then once guests are immersed in the world class facilities there’s no turning back — this is a sensory experience designed to impress.

The Pure Seven therapists are experts at delivering world-class facials, which means clients get immediate results while laying the foundations for a year-round, glowing complexion. Before administering any treatment, the first step is a detailed, bespoke consultation, and this allows the therapist to make a totally unique, tailored recommendation especially for each client — a level of detail that means results are guaranteed.

Take the ESPA Inner Beauty facial, for example. A deeply cleansing and hydrating treatment, it promises to deliver a visible improvement within 60 minutes. To begin, skin is analysed with a state of the art SkinVision™ lamp — an ultraviolet lamp that detects conditions not visible to the human eye. This is followed by triple cleansing with Tri-Active formulas, which set to work at once on the skin, while organic, aroma therapeutic oils calm the mind. Skin is left feeling rejuvenated and looking revived, and guests leave the treatment room positively walking on air.

For a more vigorous facial skin cleanse, there’s the ESPA Optimal Skin health treatment. Lasting for a duration of 90 minutes, this intelligent facial visibly revives the skin’s natural beauty and balance, but works at a deeper level, encouraging healing long after you’ve left the comfort of the massage table. It works by using nature’s most potent active ingredients alongside a double cleanse and an additional deep brush cleanse, refining exfoliation, hydrating mask and facial massage. The result is profoundly nourished skin that glows, and a smoother, more glowing complexion.

For a treatment that specifically targets signs of ageing — think laughter lines that have unfairly increased in depth over the years or wrinkles formed on the forehead thanks to frowning that’s no fault of your own – the ESPA Intense Regenerating facial is a fantastic option. A powerful age-defying treatment, its secret lies in using naturally renewing formulas alongside expertly administered restorative massage, which combine to tone, plump and hydrate more mature skin. A perfect pick-me-up for those in search of a shot of youthful radiance, this facial leaves skin feeling more sculpted, soft and supple.

Treatments are available with a revelatory scientific basis, too. Available in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions, the HydraFacial involves state of the art processes that soothe and invigorate with traditional spa therapies, while simultaneously using advanced, non-surgical medical technologies to take the session to the next level. This process can include exfoliation, acid peels, extraction, and hydration; it’s designed to cleanse deeply and immediately improve appearance on the surface. The HydraFacial super serums are well-known for providing an instantly gratifying glow. Suitable for all skin types, this is luxury combined with science that really works.

Elsewhere, there are 30-minute sessions that can be added on to any treatment for an additional beauty boost. The Eye Lift uses targeted massage to smooth, firm and hydrate the eye area, reducing fine lines, quenching delicate skin and diminishing puffiness in the process. While the Express Facial is for those keen to maximise self-care in a limited time frame. Using natural active formulas that cleanse, rebalance and hydrate, skin is left looking clear and feeling refreshed. Meanwhile, the use of organic essential oils harnessed fresh from the island means that mind and soul get a much needed lift, too. We all deserve a little self-care, and come spring, when Pure Seven reopens for the season, our therapists will give you the tools needed to put the best version of yourself and your face forward.

To learn more about Pure Seven offering, click here. To make a spa appointment or enquire about our Facial treatments with our team, contact us on spa.ibiza@7pines.com or call +34 971 195 200.


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