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The phrase ‘born to do it’ is often considered an overused cliché, and yet in some cases, it perfectly sums up a person’s path to success. Take our Guest Relations & Concierge Manager, Ruth Martín, for instance. Born in Madrid with an innate inquisitiveness about the world and the people who inhabit it, she spent her childhood exploring different countries, feeding an internal desire for knowledge of new places and experiences. These experiences led her through a variety of professions, with each playing a pivotal role in bringing her to 7Pines Resort Ibiza.

"My Mother told me: if you want to go, I’ll buy you a one-way ticket!"

What was it about travelling that excited you as a child?
There are so many things I love about travelling but it was experiencing the different cultures, people and food that I enjoyed the most, even back then. As a kid, I went to lots of countries with my parents, I discovered early on that people are the most beautiful thing in the world.

How did this inspire you as you were growing up?
Well, when I was 17, I spoke to my parents and told them I’d decided to move to Dublin. My dad thought I was crazy, but my mum said fine, if you want to go, I’ll buy you a one-way ticket! My English wasn’t great, but I got a job in an Italian restaurant and within six months of being there I knew that I wanted to work in tourism – it was so clear in my mind.

How did you act on that?
When I returned to Spain, I did a degree in tourism, PR and marketing at the University of Valladolid. That led to a job as a hostess with AVE – the high-speed train service, and then eventually I became an air hostess. I travelled the world, from America to Africa to Asia and Europe. I enjoyed it so much and really learnt a lot, but it was extremely tiring so after eight years I decided to do something else. This is when an opportunity came up to work with the Spanish Ambassador for the EU in Brussels.

"It’s all about ensuring the happiness of our guests"

It’s quite the varied career you’ve had!
Yes, it’s a nice story! I was in Brussels for three years and when I returned to Madrid, I was pregnant, but it was 2010 and the financial crisis had hit hard – it was a very difficult time. Then a friend who worked in Ibiza called me and convinced me to come to the island. I got a job with a luxury villa company as concierge and customer service manager and during those three years I learnt so much about the island – the most beautiful places, restaurants and beaches. After that I worked at ME Ibiza Hotel, where I stayed for a few more years.

What led you to work at 7Pines Resort Ibiza?
Well, after my time at ME Ibiza Hotel ended, I went to work for a luxury ice cream brand in Paris. As it turned out, we were talking to 7Pines Resort Ibiza about doing a collaboration and when I arrived, I thought oh my goodness, what kind of hotel is this? It made me realise that I really missed working in a hotel with guests. When that contract ended, I sent my CV to the office manager at 7Pines Resort Ibiza and then I started this May. As soon as I saw the hotel, I had the feeling that I knew this was exactly where I needed to be.

Can you tell us a little about your role?
It’s all about ensuring the happiness of our guests, and that means having the same approach to every single person who stays at the hotel. I learnt this when I worked on planes – treating everyone equally is the key to success, so everyone is the same to me. I make the same efforts to recommend the most suitable and memorable experiences to our guests, regardless of who they are or where they’re from, and if there’s ever a problem, I look our guests in the eye and say okay, I’m here to help you and to find a solution.

"When the guests arrive, it’s my team who show them around – we create a relationship right from the beginning, so they know who to approach when they need something."

How do you go about making sure everyone feels welcome?
When the guests arrive, it’s my team who show them around – we create a relationship right from the beginning, so they know who to approach when they need something. At 7Pines Resort Ibiza the most important thing is the guest experience, so our team shows everyone love and passion. We have an amazing team. We’re all different but together we’re a dream team!

Can it be a challenging role?
Of course, the size of the resort means it easily takes 20 minutes to show people around. We have a lot of guests; in July and August it’s very hot; sometimes flights are delayed – all this means that on occasion people get angry. The challenge for me is making sure they leave happy. It’s a reality that sometimes people complain but nothing is impossible.

Conversely, what’s the best thing about your job?
It makes me really happy when guests arrive and it’s their first time on the island. I’ve been to a lot of places but for me, Ibiza is special. I really believe that, and I want to share it with our guests.

"it's the small things that are the most important in hospitality"

What’s been your most memorable 7Pines Resort Ibiza moment?
It’s the small things that are the most important in hospitality. This year, we had a blogger come to stay with us and we put up little pictures of her pets and her husband in the room to make her feel welcome. It was such a beautiful setup and when she saw it, she cried! She spends a lot of time travelling and this little gesture made her feel at home. It’s super difficult to create special moments like this but we try to do it for all our guests.

Finally, what recommendations do you give to guests looking for an authentic island experience?
I love it when people ask for something other tourists don’t ask for! For beaches, I always recommend Cala Tarida – it’s a great place to swim thanks to its crystalline waters. If the guest wants to eat somewhere local, I suggest Can Berí Vell – it’s just 15 minutes from the resort and it’s very special. Es Boldado is great for paella, and Can Domo is also beautiful. In Formentera, I often recommend Es Calo – they do this great lobster dish with eggs and the service is to die for. And for sunset, you really can’t beat here at 7Pines Resort Ibiza. The sea and Es Vedra are in front of you, the DJ is playing, and the cava sangria is simply amazing.

To get in touch with our Guest Relations Team and start planning your next visit to Ibiza, please contact us:

E: guestrelations.ibiza@7pines.com                  P: +34 971 195 200


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