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For Sergio Moyano, F&B Assistant Manager at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, food has been an obsession ever since he was a teenager. Born in Barcelona and raised in Granada, he got a feel for his trade at his uncle’s restaurant, where at 14, he would help out serving drinks behind the bar. Just a few short months later and he was working at a hotel next door to his uncle’s place – the seed for his love of food and drink was sown deeply. In 2013, he came to Ibiza on holiday with friends and from that moment, another love affair was born. He returned to the island the following year to make a life here. 

"I consider food one of the greatest pleasures of life."

Tell us a little bit about your career up to now.
At 15 years old, I started working in a hotel. I consider myself lucky because it was all very old school – the waiters wore black jackets and bow ties and the standard of service was very high. When I turned 18, I went to Andorra for a season and from there, onto Gran Canaria. I was only supposed to stay for a few months but in the end I lived there for 11 years, working at the best five-star hotels on the island. I also worked in a Michelin star restaurant in London for two years, which contributed a lot to my knowledge. Then I worked at another well-known hotel in Ibiza for four years before starting at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza in 2017. 

Why do you think this industry got beneath your skin?
I consider food one of the greatest pleasures of life (since I was kid I always liked to eat a lot!) and I believe all good food should be harmonised with a good drink to create a unique experience. That's why I chose this profession – I enjoy the opportunity to manage guests’ experiences by recommending the best options for each taste; the best service; and the opportunity to establish a small friendship with each of our customers.

How did you come to work at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza?
This is a very particular story! I was working as a restaurant manager at another hotel on the island and one night in 2016, I was serving a table of three people. One of them happened to be Markus Lueck, the General Manager of Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, and ever since that night we’ve had a very special bond between us. 

"I want to make Seven Pines Resort Ibiza a reference point for the hoteliers."

What are the primary facets of your role as F&B Manager?
The role of the F&B manager involves great communication because it’s important to manage the relationships with teammates and clients. And of course, it’s also imperative to have in-depth knowledge about food, wines and beverages, and a thirst for knowledge – in this industry learning never stops and there’s no manual – what you achieve comes with years and years of experience.

How many people are on your team?
There are 100 people from 34 different countries in my team. We are a young team, motivated, and passionate about what we do – every day we learn something new from each other.

Tell us a little bit about the individual restaurants you look after at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza?
The View is our signature, gastronomic restaurant. This is where we cook the best seasonal products with contemporary elaborations in order to achieve an avant-garde cuisine. Not to mention a wine list with more than 250 options and exceptional, personalised service. Cone Club is our Mediterranean restaurant, and this is a great place to come with friends and family to enjoy a more informal meal in a more relaxed atmosphere. Again, we use the best Mediterranean products, and we have the best sunset views of the island. Our famous Infinity Pool is located directly in front of Es Vedrà – this is a great spot to spend the day enjoying a fresh and appetising lunch with a glass of chilled wine. The Pershing Yacht terrace is our signature bar – an exclusive space with a cocktail menu that, together with the design of the bar and the views, make it a very unique bar in Ibiza and in the world!

"The hotel is perched on a cliff, right in front of the sea, which gives us incredible views."

What do you think makes Seven Pines Resort Ibiza so special?
The hotel is perched on a cliff, right in front of the sea, which gives us incredible views. I’m also not shy to say that we have the best sunset in Ibiza! Add to this our gastronomic offering and service delivered by a team of international, passionate experts and you soon realise that dining at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza is completely unique. We create special moments for our guests.

What’s been your most perfect Seven Pines Resort Ibiza moment so far?
The Grand Opening was definitely the most memorable event of the year, and also the most challenging! Every single one of us worked really hard to make it happen, but the results were incredible and worth it.

"There are 100 people from 34 different countries in my team. We are a young team, motivated, and passionate about what we do."

What do you love most about your job?
The people. Aside from dealing with clients of different nationalities and profiles, working as part of a team is a very important thing for me. I like to be close to my team – to be able to discuss what we’ve done well or wrong after each service. Positive team dialogue helps me to guide, motivate and congratulate and I enjoy being that mentor.

What are your aims for the future?
My main objective is to ensure the F&B team is in a constant process of training on food, wines, cocktails, service standards and languages. I want to make Seven Pines Resort Ibiza a reference point for the hotelier's apprenticeship in Ibiza. I believe that there is nothing better than teaching your employees and helping to develop their careers. ‘Take care of your employees and your employees will take care of your customers.’


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