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A native of Extremadura, an area in Spain renowned for its rural sense of peace and farming culture, Rebeca Martin is atypical. While the rest of her family had always been based in Cáceres, she was unable to harbour a desire to explore further afield. It was a hunch that led her to study hospitality in Marbella, and eventually the catalyst that saw her catapulted to different locations all over the world, before before eventually settling in Ibiza as Director of Sales & Marketing at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza. Here, she discusses the wonders of selling, the joy of great teamwork, and her proudest career moment to date.

Tell us about your career to date – how did you discover the hospitality business?
It was an accident, really. When I was a kid my mum wanted me to learn international languages, although I wasn't interested at that time.  But suddenly my view changed and I started toying with the idea of travelling. So when I was a bit older I decided to study tourism, even though I wasn’t entirely sure at that time what I wanted to do. Eventually I moved to Marbella to live with family and it was there that I decided to specialise in hospitality and to explore the world.

And did you? Explore the world?
Yes, after that I lived in London and Germany and a different part of Spain. I got a job with Kempinski and my job was to promote and sell my hotel to overseas agencies – I was on the road selling hotels every second week. That’s where my international experience started. They allowed me to develop and grow and so I worked in hotels in all different parts of the world: Andalucía, the United Arab Emirates and the Seychelles. And then one day I decided to move to Ibiza.

What was behind that decision?
It was a call from Markus Lueck, the general manager at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza. I knew him through the previous company I’d worked with and he was very well respected; he was someone I always wanted to work with. Plus, when I was in the Seychelles I’d begun to wonder if maybe it was time to move back home to Spain. I was missing a lot of things and beginning to get a little homesick. When Markus asked if I’d like to join him working on an exciting project at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, I didn’t hesitate. I feel very blessed to have said yes.

"i was once told that i was truly born to do this job"

What specifically led to your role in sales and marketing?
I am a natural salesperson and I always have been. When I was a kid I used to cook biscuits and make lemonade and then go out, door to door, and sell them, just for the sake of it! I didn’t do it for the money, I just enjoyed the process. My neighbours still remind me of it every time I go home. Years ago, an HR director told me I was truly born to do this job – at the time I didn’t understand what he meant but after a few years I began to realise he was right. I enjoy selling hotels but in general I could sell anything. I’m doing my hobby in a professional capacity and I enjoy every day of it. 

What are the main challenges of the role?
Keeping up to date with anything and everything that’s happening around you. What’s happening with demand? What is the competition doing? What is the global situation politically and economically? What destinations are competing with Ibiza? These are the questions I have to ask myself all the time.

And what do you enjoy most about it?
My favourite time of year is when I have to do the budget and the business plan. It’s like two months of playing detective. You have to look at where you are, what you can achieve, what your numbers are and then make calculations for the coming year – I love it! I also like being with my team, who I’m very lucky to have. I like to be surrounded by people so I enjoy having meetings and being there for any challenges that may arise for them. I like to see them develop – when they come up with solutions that I wasn’t even thinking myself, it’s like seeing your baby start to walk! That makes me very proud.

"we sell dreams. we sell happiness"

What makes your team effective?
We’re a team of individuals. We’re like different pieces of the puzzle that perfectly fit together, we all complement each other. What we all have in common is that we’re all eager and ambitious and that’s key – that’s what I look for. They’re independent, they’re outspoken, they do things because they’re motivated to, not just because I say so. I have a very strong team in that sense so there’s a great atmosphere between us.

How does your role translate to the experience of the guest?
We sell dreams. We sell happiness. The guest starts travelling from the moment they book the hotel, so we have to make sure that whatever we promote or sell matches the reality, and that we’re able to deliver. We’re very active in trying to understand what the client wants so that we can anticipate their needs and to ensure their dreams are delivered. At the end of the day it’s about communication – to understand what our guests are looking for and to build their trust in us. We have to make sure we’re not selling smoke; it has to be true and fair and real. We want everybody to leave happy and to recommend our property, because that’s the best marketing we can get.

How would you describe Seven Pines Resort Ibiza?
I think our motto – ‘infinity at your service’ – does the job brilliantly. Because it’s true; it really reflects who we are. Whatever you wish for... We will make it happen. We’ll overturn every stone and if it’s still not possible then it’s simply because it’s not possible, so instead we’ll find an alternative. I think that’s what makes our property unique. It’s the service and our commitment to our guests. We do our best to make every stay remarkable.

 "My favourite spot in the resort? Pure Seven spa"

Where’s your favourite place to relax within the resort?
Pure Seven Spa – I’m a loyal, repeat client! Normally I go and I let the therapists choose a treatment for me because from the moment you’re inside the spa, your whole energy changes, you just completely relax. For me, it’s the best spot on the property.

How about in Ibiza?
I’m from the countryside, so I always need a connection to nature and I just love that aspect of Ibiza. I enjoy the outdoors and like to spend time on long walks – for me, this is when the world stops.

What’s been your favourite Seven Pines Resort Ibiza moment so far?
The opening party on June 2, 2018. It was called the party of the year and truly, it was, especially for those of us behind the scenes. We really worked so hard to be able to accommodate a party and all those people and the feedback we got was that everything was exceptional, which looking back, was an amazing achievement. I give the full credit of the success to the staff – 300 people working hand to hand. It made me incredibly proud on the day and even more so now that I can see things with a different perspective. For sure it was the most emotional moment of my entire career.


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