Q&A with Marta Calaf – Groups and Events Manager

Q&A with Marta Calaf – Groups and Events Manager

Even though Marta Calaf, Seven Pines Resort Ibiza’s groups and events manager, was born in Madrid you could say she was destined for a cross-cultural occupation from the start. The Calaf family relocated to Brussels where young Marta completed her schooling before heading to England to gain a degree in hotel management. Event planning was always her passion despite a stint in Human Resources and when she got the call from Seven Pines to join the team, she didn’t hesitate.

What is your professional background?

After graduating I did work experience at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, which is part of the Ritz Carlton group. I did a year in events there and loved it. It’s a hard job but very gratifying. However, I thought I should try some other departments to see if I liked that too so I worked in human resources but soon I realised that events were what I loved the most.

How did you come to work at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza?

The opportunity to work here seems like it fell out of the sky. I was thinking of returning to events when I received an email from the human resources department at Seven Pines saying they had a position open and asked if I would be interested in an interview. It was unexpected, but it seemed like an incredible opportunity. Besides the priceless experience of working for an opening, everything about the project was attractive: its location, its concept and its team.

“Besides the priceless experience of working for an opening, everything about the project was attractive: its location, its concept and its team.”

What does a normal day look like for you?

Usually, it starts with meetings with clients. I get to know what they want, their ideas and then figure out how we can provide for them. Then spend a lot of time preparing proposals. Each event is highly personalised so our quotes reflect that. Every event is unique.

What kinds of events are hosted at Seven Pines?

Weddings are the most requested, but we also hosted special occasions such as birthday parties, as well as international corporate events. There is a strong interest from companies to bring their employees for meetings or incentives, or to launch new products or host press events in a destination like Ibiza. Our resort is perfect for memorable events – there is no limit!

“There is a strong interest from companies to bring their employees for meetings or incentives in a destination like Ibiza.”

What are the differences for you when planning a wedding and a corporate event?

Weddings are highly personalised, unique events; each couple want something different and they don’t always have a clear picture of what they want. More than anything, it needs to be the most memorable day of their life, and budget tends to be more flexible. Corporate events tend to be more bound to a set budget with clear goals and requirements.

What makes events at Seven Pines distinctive?

The views are clearly a unique selling point at Seven Pines. Location is important of course, but what differentiate us from other venues is the high personalisation possible with us. Due to the large scale of the resort, we also offer a wide choice of venue options: even if an area is not designed specifically for events, we can convert it and I love offering that flexibility to our clients.

What was one of the most memorable events you’ve organised?

The Grand Opening was definitely the most memorable event of the year and also the most challenging. There was a lot of different entertainment and complex setups to coordinate. Every single one of us worked to make it happen and the result was incredible.

How many people are on your team?

The events team is only three people at the moment. We are tight-knit and work as the nucleolus transmitting to each department involved such as banquets, kitchen and maintenance. Even though we are only three people, we know everything about each event. We are the first contact for the client and are with them every step of the way until the event is over.

“The Grand Opening was definitely the most memorable event of the year”

For its Grand Opening, Seven Pines welcomed around 600 invited guests, including a variety of international celebrities and VIPs.

Over 90 artists and musicians performed at the event on land, water and from the air.

What do you love most about your job?

I love most seeing an event come to life. We invest so much time in coordinating every single detail ahead of an event that it is very rewarding to see it all come together, and even more so when we see a smile on the face of our guests. This is the most satisfying.

How do you like to spend your spare time in Ibiza?

I am a big foodie. I love to go out to eat and see what’s happening. If there something new, I have to try it out. My life here is much more tranquil. It’s so different to living in a big city but at the same time, you don’t want for anything. Even in winter, there is always something to do in Ibiza. The ambience of the island appeals to me too. It’s very relaxed and I love being surrounded by nature.


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