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Born in Rome and raised in the beautiful nearby town of Poggio Mirteto, it’s not surprising that Alessio Roscioli’s veins are flushed with a fondness for fine food and drink. Growing up, he would flit from bartender to kitchen porter to pizza chef – a journey that saw him traverse Europe – but it was the mastery of mixology that really ignited his flame. Now working as bar manager at our Pershing Yacht Terrace, Alessio is responsible for bringing the story of spirits to life – a role he relishes. Here, he discusses creativity, a passion for his craft, and the perfect cocktail to sip as the sun goes down.

"mixology isn’t just about the ingredients in a glass"

What led you to a career in mixology?
When I worked as waiter in the town I grew up in, I was fascinated by the skills of the bartender. I didn’t really know what this particular world encompassed but I decided that since I liked it so much, I would do a bartending course myself. It was there that I met an elegant gentleman who taught me the history of classic cocktails and spirits. I discovered that mixology isn’t just about the ingredients in a glass. The same guy used to talk about the Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail, about a young man from a small town who goes to the city and becomes a bartender and eventually I did exactly the same thing!

What is it about spirits in particular that you find so captivating?
For me, the opportunity to create new flavours is fascinating. Thanks to the variety of products available from all around the world, you’re able to make cocktails with real feeling and passion. Plus, I am always researching new and old products, and discovering different ways to manipulate ingredients. It’s a never-ending story, and now I know more about it I love it even more.

"Our mixology is to the drinks world what the gourmet kitchen represents for food."

What was the path that led you to Ibiza and 7Pines Resort Ibiza?
I moved to Ibiza in 2015 but two years ago I almost left the island – I wasn’t happy professionally with what was available in the industry here, and it was a tough decision because I love this place! But then I heard about the opening of a new five-star resort and that piqued my interest. I applied and immediately the project gripped me – and now that I’ve been here for two seasons, I have to say that it’s even more than I hoped for at the beginning.

What’s special about the Pershing Yacht Terrace?
The Pershing Yacht Terrace is the first bar in the world designed by the exclusive yacht company of the same name. We offer our guests a unique experience, from the fabulous view to the fantastic dishes, each paired with mouth-watering cocktails made with premium spirits and homemade syrups infused with herbs. Our mixology is to the drinks world what the gourmet kitchen represents for food.

"The Pershing Yacht Terrace is the first bar in the world designed by the exclusive yacht company of the same name."

Do you have a favourite cocktail?
I love all of them because they are all completely different. That question is like asking a father which of his children he loves more! But if pushed, I guess my personal favourite would be the Black Sails. We use a white rum infused with coconut oil, alongside lime juice, ginger beer, chocolate bitter, homemade foam of mango and lemongrass and a garnish of grated lime. It has such a refreshing and exotic taste. I also love the Es Vedra, which has a gin base infused with lemongrass, almond syrup, lemon juice and a molecular air of raspberry salty water.

What would you recommend as the best sundowner?
At sunset, one of my favourites is the NY75, which has a vodka base enhanced with homemade peanut syrup and topped with champagne – it really is something else. Guests also love the Guadalajara Fizz, made with a tequila and mezcal base, lime and lemon juice, homemade bitter orange and ginger marmalade, then topped with fermented pineapple.


What’s the best part of your job?
The people. Either guests from the hotel or those who just visit every day to sample our creations. For me, meeting them is the most pleasurable part. I also love to see the bartenders on my team working with real passion in an environment that allows them to truly love their jobs.

Are there any challenges associated with your role?
I’d say that the challenge is tomorrow, because we must find new ways to surpass our guests’ expectations and to provide perfect service. Perhaps it is too early to say because we are still a relatively new company, but my real dream is to compete with the best bars in the world in the future.

Would you say there is an art to being a mixologist?
Absolutely. It involves researching new flavours, and growing your knowledge of spirits, botanicals and herbs. In the process, we’re able to conjure new sensations and experiences.

Es Vedra: gin base infused with lemongrass, almond syrup, lemon juice and a molecular air of raspberry salty water

What’s been your best 7Pines Resort Ibiza moment to date?
Because I have worked here since the beginning, I feel like I’ve helped build the foundations of this place. So when we received our first ever guest, that was a really exciting moment. Another great memory is being promoted to bar manager, because even though it was my ultimate objective, I really wasn’t expecting it so soon.

How do you spend your free time in Ibiza?
I love to go around the island exploring new beaches. And of course we have great clubs in Ibiza, so I often go out with friends. I also like to watch the sunset because we truly have the best in the world.

The Pershing Yacht Terrace is open every evening during the season. To learn more, click here


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