Pershing Yacht Terrace – Moments well lived

One of the keys to a life well lived is learning to appreciate those all-important little moments. It’s about savouring the feeling you get when you wake up after a great night’s sleep, it’s about taking the time to breathe in amid the day’s chaos to commend yourself for a job well done, it’s about lingering over a cocktail at the end of a long day – a hard-earned, delicious concoction that helps you slip into relaxation mode. Assisting along the way in this quest to show gratitude for every unique second is our Pershing Yacht Terrace, a seaward facing cocktail bar constructed in collaboration with the luxury yacht makers of the same name. Not only is it the first of its kind in the world, but also an outstanding testament to the opulence embodied by the brand.

Unsurprisingly, the aesthetics of the Pershing Yacht Terrace are in total harmony with the sleek lines and chic colour scheme of the world’s most luxurious motorboats. In fact, the main bar design was inspired by the iconic Pershing 70 yacht, so think composite silver surfaces – polished to show the reflection of the bright blue sky above, towering stools perched in front of the bar allowing you to peer at the highly-trained mixologist in action, innovative, futuristic structures alongside comfortable taupe sofas, all perched atop wooden decking. The bar is perfectly placed for you to admire the views of the majestic rock of Es Vedrà in the distance and is an effortlessly elegant space, somewhere to retreat when it’s finally time to unwind.

Towering stools perched in front of the bar allow you to peer at the highly-trained mixologist in action.

Naturally, the extensive collection of high-end, exclusive drinks helps on that front, too. Your first port of call should be the 7 Experiences menu, which features seven drink experiences designed specifically for sharing, and each prepared in front of you using molecular technology techniques. Those looking for outright decadence should look to the Champagne Flight – a selection of three glasses of Champagne paired with three amuses bouches, including passion fruit jelly, strawberry caviar and lime foam. Meanwhile, those looking to taste the flavours of their surroundings should opt for the Pine Fog – combination of Hendrick’s, Hierbas Ibicencas, lemon juice, blackberry purée and Sprite, this is as authentic as it gets.

Champagne with strawberry caviar from the “Champagne Flight”, one of the 7 Experiences to share.

Pine Fog, another cocktail from the 7 Experiences menu, with a memorable smoky, woody taste.

If the aforementioned doesn’t whet your whistle, there’s also a carefully curated cocktail menu to explore. Sample a bespoke creation from head mixologist Sancho Orsatti’s repertoire, such as Purple Rain, made with Bombay Sapphire, Maraschino Liquor, crème de violette and lemon juice, or something sweet like The Old Man, a combination of Zacapa 23, Grand Marnier, chocolate syrup, chocolate bitters and Fernet Branca. If still in doubt (or simply making your way through them all), fall back on a selection of classics like a Moscow Mule or a Long Island – alternatively, choose from some of the best vintage wines and Champagne available on the island, accompanied by a high calibre cigar selected for its flavour, aroma and craftsmanship.

From left to right: Purple Rain (sweet and colourful) – The Old Man (aromatic with character) – Mezcal Sour (smoky, sour and foamy)

Once your tipple of choice is in hand, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and converse with friends against a soundtrack of gently chilled, relaxed beats. Take time to peer out over the horizon, where the sun will be setting, transforming the sky into a canvas of pastel-hued perfection. Open to everyone, the Pershing Yacht Terrace is a stunning space where good conversation, great cocktails and striking design all combine. It’s a place where magical little moments overflow in abundance. After all, that’s what living is all about.

The main bar design was inspired by the iconic Pershing yachts sleek lines.


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