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If there was a way to bottle that blissed out feeling that we all surrender to on holiday, we’re fairly certain everyone would do it in a flash. Imagine being able to pack away some rays of sunshine, to take home some of that salt-kissed, seaside freshness, and most importantly, to transport that illusive sense of Zen that only seems to come when you’ve spent a few days on a sun lounger doing nothing but relax, read and take stock. While we can’t stock and gift wrap those things as such, we can provide some alternative options that will help keep your holiday dreams alive long after you’ve left the resort.

At 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza, we consider it our duty to create an environment where our guests can switch to wind down mode with ease. This is why you’ll find space for contemplation and quiet in every corner of the resort, and why we take such great pride in Pure Seven, our world-leading hub of wellbeing where a combination of first class facilities and treatments positively lull our guests into a state of rest. And because we want that feeling to continue long after they’ve left Ibiza shores, Pure Seven also boasts a chic boutique so that island feeling can be captured back on home turf.

the boutique at pure seven exudes ibizan vibes

Open to the public, anyone can pop into the Pure Seven boutique without an appointment just for a browse. In fact, we often welcome many diners who are keen to hop over after lunch at Cone Club, or before dinner at The View, to get their retail therapy fix. Stocked full to the brim with a range of items you’re guaranteed to find space for in your suitcase, our collections range from brands used by our highly-trained therapists during treatments at Pure Seven to fashion labels with a deep connection to Ibiza, so that when the inevitable holiday blues set in there’s an instant pick-me-up on hand.

One spa brand that our guests can’t get enough of is Neom, and that’s no surprise since this premium range of cosmetics and scented candles are used in a variety of treatments at Pure Seven. Every product is ethically sourced and made without using harsh chemicals, artificial colours, paraffin or mineral wax. The fragrances are also 100% natural, specifically designed to boost wellbeing. They’re blended using the purest possible essential oils, which means one thing – one whiff on a grey day at home and you’ll feel as though you’re right back on the treatment table, completely relaxed and at ease.

the organic neom products are one of our top-sellers

For that very same reason, our ESPA products are also a huge bestseller at the Pure Seven boutique. This brand boasts a holistic approach to health, meaning it doesn’t just benefit the skin’s surface – though it’s extremely affective on that level – but it also penetrates a deeper plain, protecting the long term health and beauty of the skin, while also soothing the mind. A combination of biochemists, skin experts and aromatherapists worked together to create a selection of products made from natural ingredients sourced from all over the world, providing a dose of spa-inspired luxury in your own home.

Perfectly arranged on the shelves are a range of stylish fashion collections designed to prolong that fragile sense of holiday spirit. Virginia Vald is one of our primary designers and not without reason. Born in Barcelona and an Ibiza resident by default, her hippie chic collections are the epitome of laid-back Ibiza style. From classic floaty dresses to white embroidered two-pieces – all made with the finest materials – she creates the perfect pieces to take you from day to night or beach to club, wherever you are in the world.

stylish hippie chic collections are on display

Thanks to its distinct blend of bohemian elegance, another firm favourite is Alice & Trixie, a New York-based brand that delivers perfect shapes and textures for summer. Born from an obsession for vintage and the inimitable style icons of the past, each piece emanates relaxed glamour so you can step out with confidence, both on the white isle and once you’ve returned home. Then for the perfect lightweight beachwear there’s Taj, a colourful range of kaftas and kimonos from Italian designer Sabrina Crippa. And to shield your eyes from the non-stop Mediterranean sunshine, a stylish range from Saraghina Eyewear.

Of course, after filling your own suitcase with keepsakes and accessories, it only seems fair that you return home with some souvenirs for friends and family. There’s plenty to choose from on that front, but favourites always include the divine smelling Campos de Ibiza products, fragrances and candles made using plants and herbs indigenous to the island. Or for any foodie relatives, there’s Chili Ibiza, a range of hot chili sauces created on the island and designed to suit every palate – it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. Which means not only do guests go home with a wardrobe stocked with goodies, they also secure mementoes that will never fade.

campos de ibiza products make for the perfect souvenir for friends and family


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