Mastering the art of massage

Massages are indeed a luxury; at the same time, they could be considered an art form. With so many practitioners, techniques, tools and products to choose from, the search for the perfect massage can be likened to the search for ‘the one’. At Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, the art of massage is honoured within the airy, stylish treatments rooms of Pure Seven, the resort’s luxurious in-house spa and wellness centre, and those seeking massage nirvana should look no further than the Pure Seven Signature Massage.

First and foremost, it’s important to note Pure Seven is open to Ibiza residents, visitors and hotel guests by appointment. Boasting breath-taking views over the Mediterranean Sea and across to the iconic islet of Es Vedrà, it’s easy to breathe deeply and relax as you enter the spa area. The overall ambience is of peace, tranquillity and Zen – further accentuated with the scent of healing essential oils floating on the air and natural colours inspired by the earth and the deep blue sea.

With breath-taking views over the Mediterranean Sea and across to the iconic islet of Es Vedrà, it’s easy to breathe deeply and relax as you enter Pure Seven.

Therapists at Pure Seven have been extensively trained in their craft and also on the products used in each treatment. In fact, Pure Seven spa director Lucía Peris prides herself on the precision in which her therapists work. She believes once a client’s eyes are closed and they are laying down on the massage bed, they should not be able to distinguish one therapist’s touch from another – the idea being that the Pure Seven Signature Massage is always the same for the receiver, no matter who the masseuse may be.

On the day of the treatment, the Pure Seven Signature Massage is specifically tailored to suit the guest’s needs in terms of pressure, specific areas of the body to be treated or avoided and any skin concerns. The ultimate goal is your total relaxation and restoration – just as when you step inside the resort, you feel at home, comforted, cared for and relaxed, the treatment has been designed to represent these properties through movement.

Pure Seven embraces mindfulness in every step of a treatment – from the crystal-infused water served in glass to the organic cotton underwear guests are given to slip into for the treatment. Sliding between the sheets, face down on the massage table, the scent of pines rises from the bowl of pine cones and sprigs below. Every last detail has been thoughtfully considered – right down to the choice of the music.

Pure Seven Signature Massage uses blends of oils from organic brand ESPA.

Using a combination of oils and products from the organic ESPA range in conjunction with Balinese massage techniques, hot stones, realignment stretches and scalp massage, the 90-minute Pure Seven Signature Massage melts away the stresses and strains of daily life. If you’re already on holiday and in relaxation mode… well, things can only get better!

The massage begins with long, sweeping movements using the ESPA restorative bath & body oil – one of the brand’s signature blends made from palmarosa, sweet orange, geranium and lavender essential oils. This aromatic blend serves to rebalance the mind, body and soul simultaneously –aromatherapy serves to quieten the mind, while the rich, restorative oil itself nourishes the skin and soothes any sore muscles.

As your therapist works their way from the tips of your toes to the nape of your neck, you will begin to feel subtle changes in the pressure and temperature of both the massage and the oil, as warm oil is also poured gently over your body and delicately massaged with hot stones. At times, it is impossible to tell where the therapist’s hands end and the stones begin – the trick is to simply let go and let them do the work for you.

The therapist will realign your arms, legs, head and neck through a series of very gentle stretching techniques – no exertion required. The sensation of stretching is the perfect complement to the rhythmic massage movements, removing all physical pressure from the body and allowing you to enter a profound state of relaxation.

The final stage of the massage occurs when you’ve turned onto your back. After again completing the toe-to-top routine, attention is turned to your face and scalp. A gentle facial massage helps the skin restore its elasticity, followed by a deeply relaxing scalp massage using apricot-based ESPA pink hair & scalp mud to condition and nourish both your hair and the delicate skin of your scalp – a finishing touch that is almost like a lullaby, sending you off to sleep.

The quiet sounds of a grounding chime bring you back into reality and yet it’s a new reality you are returning to; one where you feel blissfully calm, at peace and relaxed. If massages are an art, then the therapists at Pure Seven are indeed the ‘masters’ – and the Pure Seven Signature Massage is their masterpiece.

To learn more about the treatments available at Pure Seven, view our spa menu here. To make an appointment, please contact our Spa Team:

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