Luxury Days on the mediterranean

Luxury days on the Mediterranean with Pershing Yachts

For land-dwelling creatures, there’s something about the water we find mesmerisingly fascinating. Perhaps it’s the long-lost echoes of evolution reverberating between our synapses whenever we are near the coastline; maybe it’s the soothing effects of a gently crashing wave; or perhaps it’s the promise of adventure – the freedom to allow our imaginations to run wild with images of what lies beyond the horizon. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that water speaks to us, and consequently, no Ibiza holiday is complete without a day spent cruising the deep blue seas. By joining forces with Pershing Yachts, we now offer the most exclusive boat charters on the island to help our guests connect with the water on an up close on a personal level.

Pershing Yachts is one of the most recognisable luxury yacht brand in the world. Purveyors of the Pershing 45 – a model that merged the speed of the powerboat with the comfort of a motorboat – for 30 years the company has been blazing a trail when it comes to innovative yacht design. That’s why, in keeping with 7Pines Resort Ibiza’s ethos of providing our guests with only the very best, we are able to offer three stunning Pershing yachts for charter, each with its own striking characteristics, perfect for seeking out Ibiza’s spectacular coastal secrets.

5x, 74 and 9x

To dive deeply beneath Ibiza’s surface – beyond the clubs, restaurants and lively social scene – is to really get to know the island. We always recommend our guests set aside some time to get out and explore – it’s the only viable way to discover the island’s true essence. And naturally, there’s no better way to do this than out at sea, where looking back on this particular slice of Balearic rock allows a completely different perspective than we get from wandering its paths. In this way, we’re able to savour its real beauty, like a monument jutting up from the beneath the Mediterranean Sea.

There are over 80 beaches on Ibiza – some of them world famous, others, under-the-radar gems, and chartering a boat allows you to unearth many of them, as time permits. So choose one section of coastline and spend the day becoming really acquainted – dart into its caves, float in the sparkling waters, grab a snorkel and duck beneath the surface, then dry off on the sun deck, delicious snacks and ice-cold bubbly to hand. Alternatively, pick one picturesque spot and spend a leisurely day relaxing, only diving off the bow when you need to cool down, or to frolic with one of the boat’s many sea toys – a SeaBob, for example, or a jet-ski.

For those seeking a more intrepid seafaring adventure, sail across to Formentera, Ibiza’s impossibly beautiful sister island. The water here is an indescribable shade of blue (thanks to the Posidonia sea-grass that grows among it), so much that you could be forgiven for thinking you’d sailed through the pearly gates of paradise. Lower the anchor in the wilderness and simply breathe in the natural beauty, or head for one of the more popular beaches where fresh mojitos can be delivered to your yacht by dinghy, or you can hop on smaller boat to one of the nearest beach restaurants – you’ll find some of the Mediterranean’s best on Formentera.

there is no better way to discover the island than at sea.

All boats can be chartered for more than one day, so if guests decide to spend several days out at sea (we wouldn’t blame you!), any of our exclusive Pershing Yachts are suitable for the task. First, there’s the Pershing 5X, a model characterised by its sporty lines and sleek design. This yacht can accommodate 12 people including crew, has two double cabins with ensuite facilities, and a top speed of 30 knots. It’s the perfect option for nipping between bays and gentle exploration, not to mention the ideal vessel for securing your own private sunset viewing.

Elsewhere, there’s the Pershing 74, which features two 1948 HP engines and a streamlined exterior with opening porthole. Again, it can accommodate 12 people including crew, but there’s additional space down below with two double cabins and one twin cabin — both with ensuite facilities, and one ensuite crew cabin, making this a great option for extended adventures. With a top speed of 44 knots, once again it demonstrates Pershing’s commitment to both speed and comfort, and ensures that if you’re running late for sunset, you’ll have no trouble making up lost ground.

Finally, there’s the ultra luxurious Pershing 9X, which has an enlarged cockpit and sea-facing sun cushion, allowing passengers to soak up the last rays of sun while whizzing from place to place at a cruising speed of 38 knots. Up to eight guests can be accommodated, as well as a three-person crew, sharing four double cabins, one crew cabin and one captain’s cabin, each with its own ensuite. As plush inside as it is on the outside, this is one yacht you’re guaranteed to be reluctant to leave.

sail across to formentera, ibiza's impossibly beautiful sister island.

But when the time comes, not only will you have memories to last a lifetime, you’ll also have the opportunity to head straight to 7Pines Resort Ibiza’s Pershing Yacht Terrace – undoubtedly Ibiza’s most elegant sundowner spot. Here, look out across the sea you’ve just sailed, raise a toast in the journey’s honour, and make a mental note to return next year, because after one day at sea with Pershing Yachts, we guarantee the obsession with water will sink deeper than ever beneath your skin.

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