Home delivery – Room service with a twist

There’s nothing more luxurious than checking into your suite, slipping on a fluffy robe, choosing a movie and calling in room service. At Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, room service takes on a whole new meaning. Firstly, our rooms are actually suites, which are more like private homes so our room service is called Home Delivery. A menu can be found in each suite or on the Seven Pines mobile app for those times where you are already horizontal and swiping is so much more convenient.

Home Delivery is provided 24/7 and with an extensive menu, there’s never a time of day or night when you cannot get exactly what you crave. Breakfasts include an array of baked goods, freshly-squeezed juices, freshly-brewed coffee and an extensive choice of teas and infusions. Any of the six kinds of cereals available or the homemade granola might be followed by eggs any way or a truffle omelette. The dedicated children’s breakfast will keep the little ones happy with pancakes, waffles, egg soldiers and fruit smoothies.

Home Delivery is provided 24/7 and with an extensive menu, there’s never a time of day or night when you cannot get exactly what you crave.

For lunch and dinner start off with beef and macaroni cheese croquettes with a smoked romesco sauce or chargrilled Galician octopus. There are seven healthy salads to choose from that are hearty enough to make a meal by themselves. The already iconic 7Pines Burger is a winner as are the Tandoori Chicken wrap and the classic Club Sandwich. There’s tagliatelle with smoky wagyu Bolognese and aged pecorino or trofie pasta with a choice of four different sauces. But for those time when it just has to be pizza, our homemade dough can be topped with the ingredients of your choice.

For those time when it just has to be pizza, our homemade dough can be topped with the ingredients of your choice.

For the main event the Tasmanian Ora King salmon is a must try but it will be hard to choose over the roasted sea bass, corn-fed chicken supreme or the 280-gram Rubia Gallega steak. Save room for dessert because the seasonal fruit plate comes with honeycomb and mint yoghurt, the Madagascar crème brûlée is sublime and the sticky date toffee pudding is every bit as good as your grandmother’s.

Each dish on the Home Delivery menu has been created by executive chef Bijendra Yadav and his team of professionals. In Yadav’s world, produce is king and he chooses the freshest and best available. Food is not just a means to an end for him; he is motivated by the joy it can bring to people and his personal motto is ‘Food is a lifestyle; let’s celebrate it every day!’ This ethos is reflected in every aspect of the Home Delivery service from the menu choices to the way meals are delivered to your door.

Executive chef Bijendra Yadav’s motto “Food is a lifestyle; let’s celebrate it everyday” is reflected in every aspects of the Home Delivery concept.

Seven Pines Resort Ibiza is committed to actively protecting the environment and reducing waste and as such our Home Delivery service uses high-quality natural tableware and bamboo cutlery. Plates, bowls, serving trays and utensils are made from compostable, chemical-free materials and are 100% biodegradable.

The base product used in the production of the Home Delivery tableware is sugarcane bagasse – a by-product of the sugar industry that is normally burned. Instead, this residual waste is reformed into beautifully designed tableware giving the material one last use before being composted back into the earth. These are not the flimsy plastic or paper plates of the past – sturdy and stylish, our chefs are proud to plate up their masterpieces with the knowledge that they are also reducing the resort’s carbon footprint.

In keeping with this environmental philosophy, our Home Delivery is transported from the kitchen to your suite via three-wheeled electric bikes outfitted with specialised compartments to ensure a smooth delivery of your culinary delights. Day and night, the Home Delivery bikes glide silently through the winding lanes of the resort, delivering not just delicious food but also a time-honoured, luxurious ritual of all the best hotels in the world – quality room service.


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