Embrace the ritual

It’s quite the simplest of occurrences and it happens all over the world every evening, but there’s something about watching a sunset in Ibiza that makes the whole thing even more special. It’s a truly magic moment – one that needs to be experienced at its fullest significance and impact – and since it takes place right here on our metaphorical doorstep every night, we wanted to create an experience that honoured this age-old nightly spectacle in 7Pines Resort Ibiza style. And thus, Sunset Rituals at Cone Club were born…

Open to one and all, whether you’re an island resident, a hotel guest or a passing holidaymaker looking to connect with Ibiza’s source, Cone Club offers a generous welcome from the moment you arrive on the panoramic terrace looking out to sea and the horizon. Step straight through the blooming archway and enter a bohemian luxe world of colourful cushions and soft carpets, all designed to create the perfect relaxing space from which to witness the daily passing of the sun. 

As you find your ideal spot amongst the stylish sofas, your path will take you past our resident musical maestro in his prime viewing position at the end of the terrace. Chris Coco is a connoisseur of the Balearic sunset, since his early Real Ibiza compilations of the 1990s and his popular late-night radio show with Rob da Bank, Blue Room on Radio One. A specialist in all things chill-out, and a veritable collector of both the well-loved and the obscure, his DJ sets are always inventive and often surprising, sublimely matched with the kaleidoscopic sky itself as it gently evolves across the evening into night.


Once settled, it’s time for cocktails. Our extensive menu has something to please all tastes, including a wide choice of mocktails for anyone driving home. The Chilli Honey is already a favourite for lending a spicy twist to the traditional piña colada, while the delectable and alcohol-free Pink Lady includes fresh juices and citrus tangs to pique your taste buds. Enjoy with some light tapas bites to share – the silky, hand-sliced Iberico ham comes with traditional crystal bread and grated tomato, or try the cubic patatas bravas served with salsa brava and alioli. Mahon cheese on spiced bread, a variety of typical croquetas, and the finest Cantabrico anchovies all offer sensational flavours to set the mood as the conversation flows as easily as the sangria.

Although the internet can always tell you the exact time of the daily sunset, it can’t quite convey the length and magnitude of the entire process. At least an hour and a half before the sun actually disappears is when the sea and sky start to transform. Pinks and purples begin to light the heavens, and a calm meditative state settles on the terrace – the sense of peace is infectious as the music guides the atmosphere towards that magic moment. A true mark of a skilled Balearic DJ is when his carefully chosen last record reaches its conclusion just at that moment when the golden orb vanishes, and all that are gathered release an audible sigh (and on occasion, applause). Suddenly the giant gong hanging behind the DJ makes sense, as an almighty reverberation sounds across the sea, uniquely closing the Sunset Ritual for all at 7Pines Resort Ibiza.


With the end of the day of course, comes the night. Moving from the rapidly darkening terrace dotted with flickering candles, it’s time to savour the spectacle over dinner. The delectable menu features our fresh catch of the day and ever-changing daily specials, plus dishes that have fast become Cone Club classics, like the Ibicenco free-range chicken supreme, poached and roasted in olive oil. Spanish beef sirloin with glazed endives will satisfy meat-lovers, whilst vegetarians can enjoy a variety of dishes, such as the mouth-watering lemon spaghetti crudaiola, with artichoke hearts, seasonal tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and fresh basil. Extending the ritual is a ritual itself, and the sense of calm lingers over dinner and beyond.

Celebrating a sunset may not be a uniquely Ibiza habit, but at 7Pines Resort Ibiza, we create a unique experience. Paying homage to the wondrous nature that surrounds us and respecting the pleasure that it can bring with the simplest of adornments, the daily Sunset Ritual at Cone Club is both a time and place to participate in the natural world. Staring out across the Mediterranean, past the islets off the shoreline and beyond the horizon, it’s easy to imagine the eons of time that have gone before, and the endless future stretching out in front. A tradition as old as time, yet as present and important as each day. Paying tribute to each sunset is an Ibiza tradition, as tomorrow is a new day.

To ensure that you have the best spot in the sunset terrace, we highly recommend to book a table, especially during high season:

E: restaurants.ibiza@7Pines.com        T: +34 663 67 36 39



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