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Going on holiday is like stepping into another world. One where the sky’s always blue, the sun’s forever shining and the stresses and strains of daily life get left behind to be tackled another day. The primary focus behind most trips is to ensure the body and mind are truly able to truly unwind, in the process achieving a state of blissful relaxation. When it comes to this, 7Pines Kempinksi Ibiza is very much a self-contained utopia, allowing guests to reset, so that when the time comes to return to reality, they’re better prepared for it than ever.

With a picture perfect location on Ibiza’s spectacular west coast, the setting of our own Balearic paradise is well-placed for switching off. The Mediterranean Sea is a beacon of blue sparkles, the surrounding pine forest whistles with movement and the sunset is so stunning it can take your breath away. Needless to say, it’s simple to lose yourself among the beauty of nature, recharging batteries and revisiting old inspirations to emerge anew. But more than that – there’s also everything needed within the resort to make unplugging as easy possible, with everything you need just a short stroll away.

start the day at cone club

The requiescence begins at daybreak, when after a dreamy night of sleep, guests saunter up to Cone Club, the sumptuous breakfast destination at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza. Here, over the gentle sound of the waves and the occasional call of overflying birds, the first meal of the day is served in the most stunning surroundings, with views of the Mediterranean. Guests choose from a selection of fresh, delicious fare, from pastries handmade on the premises to juicy fresh fruits and an à la carte menu featuring dishes such as pancakes and shakshuka – there’s everything required to start the day the right way, all washed down with a zesty juice and creamy coffee.

relaxation by one of our pools

Caffeine kick secured, it seems sensible to head straight for the jaw-dropping infinity pool, lined with sunbeds and with incredible views of the mythical rock of Es Vedra. From here, it’s easy to pass a few hours simply relaxing in the sun, reading a book, or cooling off with a quick dip. And of course, refueling with a few snacks and a cocktail or two when the mood hits. Nibble on smaller plates like nachos, sushis and salads, or if it’s lunchtime and you’re reluctant to give up your day bed, opt for something heartier like vegetarian tacos, burger or pizza, all delivered poolside.

fabulous cocktails at the pershing yacht terrace

Once the day is in full swing and a state of supreme relaxation has descended, it’s time to head to the Pershing Yacht Terrace for the perfect pre-dinner aperitif. Here, a selection of small, Spanish-inspired bites are prepared – think Iberico ham, Menorcan cured Mahon cheese, and patatas bravas, but the real star of the show are the mouth-watering cocktails. Try the Es Vedra, for instance, made with lemongrass-infused gin, lemon juice, almond syrup, salty water and raspberry air, or the Black Sails, made with coconut oil fat washed rum, Patron coffee, and chocolate bitters.

sunset rituals with mediterranean flavours

As the sun threatens to make way for night and the sky blushes pink in anticipation, head over to Cone Club where laid-back tunes and jugs of signature Sangria await. Here, the vibrant cheerful mood is infectious, suitably gearing guests up for the night ahead while simultaneously providing the ideal environment in which to enjoy that famous Ibiza sunset. To continue the good vibes, dinner here is always delicious. From Mediterranean inspired starters like Greek Feta and Burrata with seasonal tomatoes to dishes cooked beautifully on the grill like octopus, sea bass or pork shoulder – this is relaxed, bohemian dining at its best.

the view's culinary adventure

For something different, guests can discover upstairs The View, where a sensory journey takes place after dark thanks to a wealth of Asian flavours. This panoramic restaurant has variety of products that are in accordance with the time of the year. Chicken thigh, Wagyu beef and red snapper are some of the dishes that can be found seasonally, along with Iberican pork, blue lobster and silken tofu, served alongside a variety of rice and vegetables. Our highly trained sommelier is also on hand here to suggest a superb wine pairing, making this a gastronomic experience to remember. To make a real event of the evening, we highly recommend trying the three or five-course tasting menus, which bring together some of the finest aspects of the menu.

Back in your suite with undoubtedly both a full tummy and heart, it’s time to take a nightcap on your balcony or terrace, available from the well-stocked House Bar. And if late into the balmy night you start to become puckish again, our room service menu can deliver dishes like the 7Pines chicken Caesar salad, club sandwich and tagliatelle, 24 hours a day. You see, it’s possible to completely switch off here without ever having to leave the resort, which leaves guests free to daydream and float off on the breeze as much as they please. As the day comes to a close, they go to bed satisfied, happy in the knowledge that it all starts again tomorrow.
You know that the island of Ibiza is out there to be explored… but you also know just how amazing it is to be completely immersed in the world of 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza.

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