Cone Club – Twice the fun

Cone Club – Twice the fun

It’s quite possible that there’s no physical place on earth that embodies the ancient contradictions of yin and yang like Ibiza. On the one hand, it’s an island for spiritualists – calm, serene, at peace; on the other it’s a haven for hedonists – wild, boisterous and untamed. Conversely, that means it exists in complete harmony, with balance anchored at its core, and what you find is that the roots of this twist and unfurl throughout the island, affecting everything they touch. This is certainly true of Cone Club, which depending on the time of day you visit, is a completely different character.

On the lower level of the restaurant complex at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, Cone Club has a front row, clifftop location near Cala Codolar that looks out towards the great blue Mediterranean; the mystical rock of Es Vedrà juts up from the horizon in the distance. A relaxed space that catches the breeze on warm summer days, it’s characterised by soft furnishings in a range of sea-faring turquoise hues and chunky wooden tables and chairs, not to mention a stunning set of cabanas facing seawards that just beg for a willing passenger. There’s an undeniable air of easy-going beach club to the place, but that belies the innate sophistication sung by its decor.

There’s an undeniable air of easy-going beach club to the place.

By day, there’s simply nowhere better to come and savour a tranquil, languid lunch. Arrive at noon and spend the afternoon seeking shade beneath a parasol, glass of crisp, clear rosé in hand, or refreshing ginger lemonade if you prefer. The sky above is blue for as far as the eye can see, the sun is beaming down from above, gently tickling your skin, and the music is a softly reverberating mix of eclectic, worldwide beats that lull you into a state of total relaxation. In fact, you wouldn’t look out of place in a swimsuit and glamorous kaftan here, such is the laid-back, down tempo vibe at this time of day.

But by night, it’s a different story. While Cone Club’s mellow centre remains unstirred, as the sun begins to set it undergoes a transformation, partly thanks to the shameless sense of romanticism that’s beginning to fill the air. It’s also because of the rush that always swirls around dusk, when people arrive to gaze in awe at the pastel pink sky. In the evenings, the restaurant morphs into more of a lounge club, in the process attracting a stylish crowd who arrive to drink cava Sangria comfortably seated on the cabanas (it’s essential to book ahead and a minimum spend of 50€ per person applies) and then stay to savour the cocktail list.

One is easily convinced to stop for a drink by the seaward facing cabanas.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what hour of the day you choose to indulge in one of Cone Club’s speciality cocktails because they’re available as and when you choose. Created by head mixologist Rafael Arvin, each one has been tried and tested till it’s as near to perfection as possible. Try the Red Snapper, consisting of gin, tomato juice, lemon juice and spicy mix if you need a kick to get you through the afternoon; the French 75, made of gin, sugar syrup, lemon juice, and cava to get you in the party spirit, or the Grasshopper for a sweet finish, consisting of peppermint, cream and white cacao liquor.

The delectable Mediterranean menu is available throughout the day, too. Designed for sharing, it includes Arabic and Asian-inspired dishes like chef’s cold mezze, obsiblue prawn tartare and the restaurant’s signature hamachi and aubergine dish. Main courses include Spanish squid, Mediterranean sea bass and melt-in-your-mouth Mallorcan black pork. If you want to sample a little of everything, try the tasting experience, which includes four starters, a main course and the chef’s selection of delectable desserts. Every dish is made using the finest quality ingredients, and each is the perfect encapsulation of flavour and texture.

One of the restaurant’s signature dish: hamachi and aubergine.

Another favourite: the obsiblue prawn tartare with yuzu pearls.

Whatever time of day you decide to visit, it’s impossible to overlook that inescapable sense of yin and yang. It’s visible in the setting, the cuisine and the cocktails. Open to hotel guests, island residents and visitors from all over the globe, Cone Club is an impeccable example of both sides of the coin, and really, to fully experience it, you have to try the two. Contact us to reserve a table or a cabana by day, by night… or both!

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