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Casting your eyes over a beautifully crafted page in a book is an action of power. Because not only can a perfectly selected combination of words and images transport you to another place, they can also inspire, arouse and embolden — encouraging a journey that takes place deep within the confines of the mind. And of course, there are times when books can fill a hole, bringing you closer to something, someone or even somewhere that you love, simply by conjuring the flicker of a memory or a vivid recollection of something poignant that happened in the past.

As a result, those pining for the sun-kissed days of the Ibiza summer may find solace flitting over previous glories — that peculiar shade of gun metal grey that the Mediterranean Sea turns after sunset; the sensuous feeling of soft white sand between the toes; the taste of a crisp rosé wine as it cools the throat. While you’re waiting for the summer holiday season to roll around again – here at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, we reopen on May 1, 2019 – why not use the time to peruse this list of tomes celebrating all that’s wild and wonderful about the white isle as inspiration?

Ibiza Bohemia by Maya Boyd and Renu Kashyap
Big, bold and beautiful, Ibiza Bohemia takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the island’s riotous past. From the days when pirates descended on its shores to the free-spirited hippies and creatives who went on to change the face of the island forever, it’s full to the brim with nostalgic images that document the island’s foremost characters. This is a coffee table book to treasure.

The White Island by Stephen Armstrong
UK journalist Stephen Armstrong felt compelled to write The White Island, such was his passion for the history of this unique hedonist’s paradise. The result is a tale that spans from the time of the Carthaginians through to the Romans and right up to the present day. It’s a love letter to Ibiza’s free-spirited acceptance of anyone and everyone; an ode to its liberalism, identity and verve.

Eivissa The Cookbook by Anne Sijmonsbergen
The search for the heart of a nation always leads to its food, as celebrated chef Anne Sijmonsbergen explains in this beautifully produced homage to traditional Ibicenco and Spanish cuisine. An American inspired by living on the island for over a decade, Sijmonsbergen is an outspoken supporter of Ibiza’s rich food scene, vocally championing its pioneering approach to a more organic, sustainable future. Recreate the island’s potent flavours in your own kitchen.

The Road to San Vicente by Leif Borthen
An intimate novel that chronicles the interwoven lives of locals and the myriad misfits that troop through the village, The Road to San Vicente captures a nostalgic insight into the loss of rural traditions that often comes alongside modernisation. Borthen arrived in San Vicente in 1933, witnessing first hand the transformation that came about once a road was built into the valley in the 1960s.

Food Glorious Ibiza Food (and Music!) by Sid Shanti
As is common in Ibiza, one never does just one job, as can be seen in Sid Shanti’s ode to the white isle, Food Glorious Ibiza Food (and Music!). A touring DJ and a talented private chef, Shanti combines the best of both in this cookbook, detailing delicious recipes and suggesting the playlists to go alongside them. He offers advice on foraging, local culinary customs and organic farms, too, so there’s plenty to delve into.

Wild Thyme in Ibiza by Stewart Andersen
Known throughout the world for its tolerance for people from all walks of life, Ibiza has become home to a string of artists, hippies and celebrities, who — on the whole — live happily alongside the locals. In this light-humoured tale, Stewart Andersen laments on a magical life spent on the island and all the delightful jubilation that came with it.

Secret Beaches: Ibiza by Rob Smith
No visit to the white isle is complete until you’ve bounded off the beaten track in favour of total coastal isolation. In Ibiza there are many secret beaches — some easier to find than others — but Rob Smith’s comprehensive guide explains exactly how you can find them. A bible for anyone keen to discover the island’s real, magnetic beauty.

Ibiza Rocks by Jérôme Ferrière
Portraits of the island’s rock’n’roll spirit being unleashed in full flow, Ibiza Rocks comes from acclaimed French photographer Jérôme Ferrière, who was on hand at the famous San Antonio venue to capture some of its most iconic stars — minutes before or after their time on stage. Featuring Nile Rodgers, Idris Elba and Boy George, this collection of poignant portraits speaks a thousand words.

Ibiza Style by Ingrid Rasmussen and Chloe Grimshaw
A fascinating look through the keyhole into some of the island’s most stylish homes and characters, Ibiza Style is divided into six categories covering coastal, rural, vintage, contemporary, minimalist and natural homes. Conversations with home-owners reveal the effort required to build a dream home, and why no two homes on the island are alike.

Hola Pepita! by Miroesja Peeperkoorn & Liz Kueneke
Written and printed in Ibiza, Hola Pepita! features spiky but lovable characters like Jordi the hedgehog, Pepita the sea urchin and Chumbo the cactus, who learn to love each other despite their difference. A colourful, charming children’s book practiced on the theme of tolerance — an essential trait for a happy life on the white isle.
For lunch and dinner start off with beef and macaroni cheese croquettes with a smoked romesco sauce or chargrilled Galician octopus. There are seven healthy salads to choose from that are hearty enough to make a meal by themselves. The already iconic 7Pines Burger is a winner as are the Tandoori Chicken wrap and the classic Club Sandwich. There’s tagliatelle with smoky wagyu Bolognese and aged pecorino or trofie pasta with a choice of four different sauces. But for those time when it just has to be pizza, our homemade dough can be topped with the ingredients of your choice.

Ibiza Portraits by Jérôme Ferrière
Another work of art from Jérôme Ferrière, the Frenchman with a verve for film. This lavish selection of shots hone in on Ibiza’s wild-at-heart individualists, shining a spotlight on the glorious rainbow of characters that call the island home. Shot entirely in black and white, it’s the subjects themselves who bring colour to the page.

Chiefs, Queens, Witches and a Girl from San Juan by Ines Schramm
Delving into the paradox created by an island that’s inherently tranquil and yet simultaneously adored by pleasure seekers, Ines Schramm uses her camera to go in search of the stark contrasts present everywhere you look on the island. In doing so she reveals its truth, offering insight into the complex but free-flowing symbiosis that exists between locals and tourists.

Secret Walks Ibiza North by Rob Smith
It’s a well-known fact that to truly get to know a place, one must disappear off the beaten track, instead seeking out its untrodden paths. And that’s what Rob Smith presents here — a guide consisting of 18 spectacular walks that showcase the real nature of Ibiza. From secret beaches to stunning viewpoints, every well-researched page is an ode to the island’s beauty.

Photos shot on location at La Galeria Elefante, where all books can be purchased in Ibiza. Alternatively, order online via Amazon or iBooks.


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