Ibiza’s romantic heritage: A tour of Dalt Vila


Time travel seems entirely possible when walking up the stone ramp towards the stately arched entry to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dalt Vila. History seeps from every paving stone, every twist in the labyrinthine streets, every doorway and monument. One can’t help but be swept up in the lingering dramas, loves and losses

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Consciously relaxed

In this day and age, it’s impossible to ignore the effects of our throwaway culture. While individuals do their best to recycle, reuse and shop consciously, the team at Pure Seven spa wanted to make the process a combined effort. Dedicated to eco-conscious spa experiences, Pure Seven is designed ...

Cone Club – Twice the fun

It’s quite possible that there’s no physical place on earth that embodies the ancient contradictions of yin and yang like Ibiza. On the one hand, it’s an island for spiritualists – calm, serene, at peace; on the other it’s a haven for hedonists – wild, boisterous and untamed. Conversely ...

Designing the experience

When you walk into a well-designed hotel, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what makes it beautiful but you just know that it is. Hotel design encompasses technicality and artistry to provide an indirect experience for guests. Seven Pines Resort Ibiza worked closely with multidisciplinary ...

Q&A with Marta Calaf – Groups and Events Manager

Even though Marta Calaf, Seven Pines Resort Ibiza’s groups and events manager, was born in Madrid you could say she was destined for a cross-cultural occupation from the start. The Calaf family relocated to Brussels where young Marta completed her schooling before heading to England to gain a ...

Wellness retreats in paradise – Tailor made by Pure Seven

When is a holiday not a holiday? When it is also a wellness retreat. Pure Seven, the wellness centre and spa at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza is like a sun around which myriad professionals orbit providing the highest quality health, fitness and wellbeing services. In addition to daily wellbeing and ...

Home delivery – Room service with a twist

There’s nothing more luxurious than checking into your suite, slipping on a fluffy robe, choosing a movie and calling in room service. At Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, room service takes on a whole new meaning. Firstly, our rooms are actually suites, which are more like private homes so our room service ...

The magic of Tanit – The goddess of Ibiza

There’s something mystical bubbling beneath the earth’s surface on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. A lush, fertile land floating off the east coast of Spain, for centuries it’s been recognised for the otherworldly magnetic pull that it exerts on some visitors (not to mention passing planes).

Q&A with Javier Perez – Head Sommelier

Catalonian born Javier Perez studied law before attempting to become a public notary – one of the toughest exams in Spain. After several years of locking himself away to study, Javier put the law aside to dedicate himself to his first passion – hospitality and wine. His career has seen him work ...

The magic of low-season in Ibiza

Ask any Ibiza local what their favourite time of year is, and you might be very surprised by the answer. Those who live here year round know Ibiza’s beauty really shines during the cooler months – the island enjoys around 300 days a year of pure unadulterated sunshine and after the frantic indul ...

Pershing Yacht Terrace – Moments well lived

One of the keys to a life well lived is learning to appreciate those all-important little moments. It’s about savouring the feeling you get when you wake up after a great night’s sleep, it's about taking the time to breathe in amid the day’s chaos to commend yourself for a job well done, it’s ...

Time and Space – The Speed of Light

Humans have been using the earth’s surface as a canvas for millennia. Cave paintings in France and Australia, Neolithic burial tombs in Ireland and India, white hill figures in the green pastures of southeast England, the Nazca lines in Peru and of course the world famous Stonehenge. Australian ...

Mastering the art of massage

Massages are indeed a luxury; at the same time, they could be considered an art form. With so many practitioners, techniques, tools and products to choose from, the search for the perfect massage can be likened to the search for ‘the one’. At Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, the art of massage is honoured ...