Wellness: A lifestyle, not a trend

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In today’s frenzied world, it’s difficult to set aside time for ourselves. There’s always something to do or someone to see – rarely do we prioritise our own health and wellbeing over the mental checklist that we have to wade through on a daily basis. Consequently, our bodies and minds suffer, and in spite of best efforts, we often end up underperforming. This is why we put wellness at the centre of our ethos here at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, and with our world-class wellness centre, Pure Seven, we provide a serene space for rest, recuperation and rejuvenation – somewhere to throw away the day’s agenda in favour of that all important ‘me time’.

Located on a clifftop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, our Ibiza property has the ability to immediately evoke a sense of calm contemplation – it’s hard to feel stressed in the presence of an unending blue sky and sparkling cerulean waters, after all. But step inside Pure Seven Spa and that feeling is multiplied. Guests leave their troubles at the door and enter a new world, one where the only goal to reach is ultimate relaxation. This is easy to achieve thanks to our diverse range of treatments, and even more so this summer, with the addition of a new program of carefully curated events taking place over the course of the summer season.

"full moon yoga"

Whether you’re an island local, a hotel guest or a visitor to Ibiza, one event not to miss is our monthly Full Moon Yoga. Sessions are designed to harness the power of the lunar cycle – the moon, which brings the healing powers of the universe, combined with the quiet, concentrated power of the breath, creates a magical combination that infuses mind, body and soul. Each class takes place in Pure Seven’s breath-taking, glass-fronted auditorium, with views of Ibiza’s most potent spiritual landmark, Es Vedra, forging an even deeper connection with Ibiza’s spectacular nature. Taking place on May 19, June 17, July 17, August 15, September 13 and October 13, 2019, everyone is welcome.

The same rule applies to Global Wellness Day on June 8, 2019, except to celebrate the sentiment of this special, inclusive day, Pure Seven hosts a yoga session with one of our highly-qualified experts completely free of charge. More details about the session will be available closer to the time. 

"PUre wellness days and visiting PRACTITIONERS "

Guests and visitors are also invited to take advantage of our Pure Wellness days. Designed so participants can make the most of all of Seven Pines Resort Ibiza’s exemplary features, the days (every Monday to Friday) commence with a yoga session at 9am, followed by a sumptuous breakfast on the sunny terrace of The View, which boasts spectacular panoramic vistas of the surrounding coastline. For an added splash of self care, we’re also launching 7Pines Beauty Days, which consist of either a yoga or Pilates session, followed by breakfast at The View and then a 30-minute beauty treatment of your choosing.

We’re also extremely proud to reveal that this year we’ll have some of the world’s leading wellbeing practitioners making limited, one-off residencies at Pure Seven. Specialists in their particular crafts, each practitioner will provide guidance and insight into their relative fields. Renowned Ayurveda specialist Suraj Varma will be available from June 17 to 29, 2019. Descendent from a family of generations of Ayurvedic practitioners, he’ll be imparting his wisdom for those in search of a more holistic approach to health.

Yoga guru Hamir Kaur will then take up residency between August 15 and 25, 2019. An internationally experienced yoga teacher, fitness consultant and sound therapist specialising in addiction and trauma recovery, Hamir Kaur will offer a yoga healing and detox experience to guests. And then from September 1 to 11, Chinese Medicine practitioner, Dr Rui Pedro Loureiro drops in to offer acupuncture services that can offer relief for conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain and tobacco cessation, using the ancient art as a means for personal enhancement.

"our aim is to infuse guests and visitors with confidence and vitality both inside and out"

Each of these special events, alongside our selection of highly advanced treatments, have been put in place to affirm that wellness is a lifestyle not a trend. Here at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, our aim is to infuse guests and visitors with confidence and vitality both inside and out. Join us this summer as we embark upon the journey together.

Appointments and reservations 

Contact our Wellness Team for bookings and enquiries: spa.ibiza@7pines.com or call +34 971 195 200


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