The masterful art of sushi

We live in a world bursting with vibrant flavours. From the spice-enhanced dishes of India and the zesty deliciousness of Peru, to the rich essence of French cuisine and the hearty, plentiful plates found in Italy – we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food that makes our palates dance. And yet, when you consider what fare has most captured the world’s imagination in recent decades there’s only one true answer: sushi. That delectable combination of fish, rice and vegetables has cemented its place in the hearts of foodies across the globe, and its popularity continues to soar.

"sushi then - sushi now"

Famed as a Japanese dish – and rightly so, it was a market stall owner called Yohei Hanaya who invented what we recognise today as modern sushi in Edo (now Tokyo) – its roots actually belong in Southeast Asia, where workers on the Mekong noted that cooked rice ferments over time, and that fish could be preserved within it. Over 500 years later, and Hanaya was lauded as the first person to shape vinegared rice with his hands and then crown it with a slice of fresh fish to be sold to hungry workers on the run. Back then, it was a staple of working-class diets, but like so many food trends, it wasn’t long before it was raised to the levels of haute cuisine.

Nowadays, sushi is considered a luxury – even in Japan, where usually it’s consumed only on special occasions. And while in the western world different versions of sushi are available on the shelves of many restaurants, real sushi – the stuff that’s been created by a bona fide master – is revered for its simultaneous simplicity and potent taste. Widely considered an art form in its own right, there’s something undeniably memorable about a plateful of the perfectly executed rice parcels. That’s why we’ve introduced it to two of our menus at 7Pines Resort Ibiza.

"IBIZA SUSHI nights at the pershing yacht terrace"

In fact, at the Pershing Yacht Terrace, we’ve dedicated an entire evening to the consumption of masterfully made sushi. Every Friday night between 8pm and 11pm, we pair exquisite plates with a selection of exotic cocktails – each one chosen to complement the unique flavours of the dish. The purity of salmon nigiri, for instance, is coupled with Geisha Vibes – a combination of raspberry infused vodka, umeshu, cava, lime, and camomile syrup. While the lavish Wagyu beef and fois gras nigiri is paired with the Yuzu Fizz – gin, lemon, egg white, and soda water. For non-meat and fish eaters, the crispy vegetarian maki with cured shiitake mushroom and cucumber fits perfectly with the Kiuri – a concoction of sake, umeshu, maraschino, Peycheaud‘s bitter, lime, cucumber, and egg white.

The remainder of the menu is filled with classics, as well as some innovative new dishes which showcase a unique twist while still having the best, fresh ingredients at their heart. From the soft shell crab Futomaki served with chipotle mayonnaise, to the king crab Maki with short flamed tuna belly and Katsobushi flakes, and the Hamachi tiradito with coconut milk, celery and coriander, each plate sings with the inspiration of its creator. Combo plates to share are also available, offering a selection of sushi, sashimi and maki to tuck into with friends.

"sushi at the infinity pool"

Over at the Infinity Pool and our admiration for sushi is a very public, daily affair. Here, the menu is stacked with a mouth-watering array of options. For a taste of everything, there’s the nigiri selection, which features 10 pieces adorned with either calamari, Hamachi, tuna, salmon or avocado. The sashimi meanwhile, consists of eight pieces made using four kinds of the freshest fish of the day. The maki rolls also offer an array of outstanding flavours – from the crunchy onions, avocado, cucumber and sesame that make up the crisp Uramaki to the Hamachi, caramelised pineapple and yuzu of the Hamachi Uramaki – it’s a difficult choice, but fortunately one that’s made easier while lying by a pool looking out onto the Mediterranean.

"Imagination is an essential tool FOR sushi art"

We’re proud to say that what really elevates every single plate of sushi at 7Pines Resort Ibiza are the sushi masters behind the conception. Ivano Borraccino from Puglia and Manu from Albacete are expertly trained Itamae who plough love, care, and attention into each piece. Both have spent years honing their skills and approach the creation of each dish with complete devotion to their craft – using the finest ingredients and the best equipment while allowing their minds the creative freedom to roam, they’re responsible for bringing exciting new flavour combinations to our guests. “Imagination is an essential tool,” says Manu. Meanwhile Ivano says mind control is of utmost importance: “You must remain focused and precise in every movement with your knife.”

But in truth, it’s the basic, most simple form of sushi in which both masters find the most joy. Manu states without hesitation that his favourite kind of sushi is nigiri – based purely on its simple authenticity, while Ivano says that using a maximum of two or three ingredients – allowing their quality to shine through – is always his preference. When it comes to the preferred method of eating sushi, our chefs are divided. “There are many wrong and right ways to eat sushi,” says Ivano knowingly. “But a tip that people are not usually aware of is to dip it lightly in soy sauce on the side of the fish and not the side of the rice.” Manu is less of a purist, admitting the ‘right’ way is with chopsticks but preferring the connection of eating with his hands.

Sushi now ranks as one of the world’s most luxurious dining options, but its greatness will always be rooted in its humble beginnings. Visit us this season, either at our Infinity Pool (open to visitors with day passes) or Pershing Yacht Terrace (open to one and all), or both, to experience a taste of that greatness for yourself.

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