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Ibiza has a surprisingly rich food heritage, containing flavours that go back to ancient times, and the innovative and modern techniques of today's chefs and home cooks. The team from Ibiza Food Tours operate a relaxed yet comprehensive tour of Ibiza’s capital that lets visitors experience a different side of the island through their taste buds. It gives holidaymakers (and residents too!) the chance to meet a true local and be escorted through the story of the island, past and present, through some key gastronomic experiences.


Tim Cairns, is one of the Ibiza Food Tours professionally trained guides and has a uniquely Ibizan story to tell. His parents met on the island in the 1950s – each of them travelling alone through what was then still an isolated and traditional place. It wasn’t until they bumped into each other again by chance on the mainland of Spain that their fates were sealed. Once they were married, they lived in the USA before deciding to return to their beloved Ibiza in 1960 with a one-year old Tim in tow. They rented a farmhouse with no electricity or running water, where Tim grew up in a paradisiacal rural environment. He learned the native dialect along with French, Catalan, English and Spanish. Despite an American and French passport, Tim considers Ibiza his home and he has an insight on the lifestyles of the island that few others could ever hope to learn.

"The tours start at the iconic fisherman statue in the port of Ibiza."

The tours start at the iconic fisherman statue in the port of Ibiza. It’s an apt place to start an adventure through the culinary delights of the capital – the brave fisherman in wet weather gear courageously battling the seas – and luckily for participants in the tour, the biggest challenge they’ll have to face is choosing pastries. The four-to-five-hour tour visits around six different establishments and starts off with a dose of strong Spanish coffee at Peixet – an old style, classic fisherman’s bar. There are some traditional tapas to be had here but it’s best to pace yourself for the delights to come. This area has undergone a recent transformation but look up at the uneven rows of white washed houses and you can still catch a glimpse of the bustling port it once was, filled with baskets of freshly caught fish, corsairs, pirates and chancers plying their trade along the narrow streets of La Marina.

Further into the new part of town, the Ibiza market is concealed beneath Parque de La Paz. Filled with stalls selling fresh produce, meats, fish, olives, teas, herbs and a cornucopia of delicious ingredients, it’s a delight to meander through the stalls to see what’s on offer and get a feel for true island living. The colours and smells will no doubt reignite the appetite, which is quickly sated at the charming La Bodeguilla. Cute is an understatement for this gorgeous restaurant. Decorated with old photographs of Ibiza and antique fishermen’s tools, La Bodeguilla is a family run eatery serving traditional tapas, where diners can try tasty morsels made with love and get a dose of the real flavours of Ibiza.

Of course, a visit to anywhere in Spain is not complete until ham is involved. Moniberic is groaning in cured hams and sausages of various kinds. Here the passionate staff expand on the importance of ham in Spanish cuisine and explain the various qualities of the different styles. Along with the cured hams are chorizos, salchichons, salamis, cheese and wines to taste. Grab one of Moniberic’s Ham Boxes of vacuumed sealed samples to take home with you, or if you find you’ve become an aficionado why not get a whole leg?

The next stop on the trail is a real treat. Ibiza Food Studio is a tiny place with a huge heart. Headed up by chef Boris Buono this enchanting apartment, once his home, is now one of the island’s more innovative restaurants. Buono was trained at Noma in his native Copenhagen and he brings a gentle humour to his high level cooking. Occasionally found in the forests foraging for wild ingredients, Boris has taken the concept of tapas and created a whole new world. Guests get to watch him up close and personal as he prepares a selection of taste sensations and talks about living, eating and cooking in Ibiza. His unique take on what it means to cook and share food will have even the fussiest foodie enamoured.

"a bubble of peace and quiet augmented by fragrant brews."

A cup of tea and a slice of cake is the answer to almost all of life’s challenges and is always the best way to end any experience. Tea expert and eccentric Félix Martinez presides over Queriendo-té, an eclectically decorated tea salon. The store has been in his family for over 50 years and was once a sweet shop, now converted into tea and cake heaven – a fitting evolution. It’s a bubble of peace and quiet augmented by fragrant brews from all over the globe including one designed by Félix from local herbs especially for Ibiza Food Tours. Homemade cakes are hard to resist, as is that second pot of tea.

The only thing better than a good meal is a good meal with friends and a chance to try something new. Ibiza Food Tours connects visitors to a part of Ibiza not often advertised and deepens your island experience.

Talk to our Guest Relations team to find out more and book your  culinary tour of Ibiza’s capital.

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