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When used collectively, the words mind, body and soul can evoke a powerful response. But increasingly the use of these words has become part of a more commonly used vernacular, so much so that it is in danger of losing its potency. It is vital to remember the deep intuitive resonance that exists within the phrase; to understand the connection that binds the words together and its impact on us as humans. This is the sole purpose of Ayurveda. Believed to be the oldest healing science in the world, it aims to boost mind, body and soul by examining the fragile symbiosis that exists within us all.

The practice of Ayurveda originated in India almost 5,000 years ago, and translates from Sanskrit to mean ‘Science of Life’. An ancient methodology passed orally from scholar to disciple over a period of generations, Ayurveda consists of a holistic approach to physical and mental health, aiming to to achieve optimum wellness through diet, exercise, lifestyle and treatment using primarily plant-based products. It places a great importance on prevention and promotes a strong emphasis on balance – the roots of which lie in the constitutions we were born with and the environments that go on to shape us throughout life.

Ayurveda translates from sanskrit to mean "science of life"

In much the same way that every person on the planet has a unique fingerprint, each person also has a unique pattern of energy, defined by a combination of our physical, mental and emotional characteristics. These are defined at birth and remain the same throughout our lives but they can be impacted by a range of external factors including physical trauma, emotional state, diet, work and family relationships. Ayurveda invites us to examine these components and their effects upon us, and in the process of understanding this delicate equilibrium, to re-establish balance in our own bodies and minds.

Unlike Western medicine, Ayurveda focuses on prevention rather than cure and a belief that all life must be supported by a balance in energy. When the body experiences minimal stress and the flow within it is balanced, our natural defence systems remain strong and thus we are better able to defend against disease. It’s in maintaining this balance that we foster the best possible versions of ourselves – strong and healthy in mind and body, and with an improved mental capacity that allows us to deal with life’s trials and tribulations, almost as an observer rather than a participant.

This season, we have invited one of the world’s leading Ayurvedic practitioners to 7Pines Resort Ibiza as part of our Visiting Practitioners Program. From June 17 to 29, 2019, Suraj Varma will host clinics at Pure Seven, our stunning wellness space overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the magical rock of Es Vedra. Each session will feature a one-on-one consultation with Suraj, during which he will assess each patient before offering lifestyle and treatment advice to arm them with the knowledge required to incite change in their lives.

suraj varma will host clinics at pure seven from 17 to 29 june, 2019

Born in Kerala in India, Suraj Varma is descended from eight generations of Ayurvedic practitioners. His family have been purveyors of Ayurvedic traditions for over 500 years, and having grown up closely observing his own father treating patients, Varma’s journey as a practitioner was an organic one. “As a child, I would go into the kitchen to get something to eat and on the other side of the kitchen there was my father making medicine,” he says. “But nothing was ever forced in our family. My parents very much believed that if something was meant to happen it would happen.”

While many of Varma’s friends pursued careers as doctors or high-tech businessmen, multiple energies conspired to send him on the road to an Ayurvedic practice. He trained at the prestigious Ayurvedic Hospital at Coimbatore in Kerala before hotfooting it across the world, honing his expertise and developing his own unique techniques along the way. “Do something that gives you happiness and in the process you can do something good for the world,” he says. “My view is to work with people from the inside out to embed the purity of understanding within them – when people are honest, it gives them the ability to come back to themselves.”

Consequently, all of Varma’s sessions follow a similar outline. The first step is grounding – ensuring patients understand the DNA they were born with. “You need to get to the base of who they are,” he explains. “To listen to what their minds and bodies are telling them.” Next, breathing techniques are implemented, along with vital information concerning diet – what you eat and how you eat is imperative for optimum health. Then, advice is dispensed on how to cleanse mind and body before finally sharing methods on how to allow the body to totally recharge. “Everyone can do these things by themselves,” he affirms. “My job is to give advice and then it’s up to them to implement it.”

“Do something that gives you happiness and in the process you can do something good for the world”

Varma’s expertise and advice is dispensed during three distinct sessions. The 90-minute Kerala Karma promotes total relaxation and a renewed sense of energy. The journey begins with a body polish exfoliation and a warm shower, followed by Brahmanam – a nourishing Ayurvedic massage followed by a soothing facial with specialised movements to reduce wrinkles and promote a radiant glow. The 75-minute Marma Deep Tissue Massage is ideal for those who spend hours sat at a desk each day, or those stressed from workouts. This treatment is designed specifically to release deep-seated tension in the body using Dosha-specific oils on key points on the body.

Finally, the 120-minute Ayurvedic Holistic Balancing session aims to completely relax and rebalance the energies within the body, and is especially helpful for those suffering from poor memory, lack of energy, headaches and insomnia. After a detailed consultation, treatment starts with a herbal oil scrub followed by Abhyanga Ayurvedic warm oil massage with hot stonea, which balances the seven chakras of the body. The treatment concludes with Shirodhara, a deeply relaxing procedure during which warm Ayurvedic oil (suited to the clients Dosha) is poured on the ‘third eye’ area of the forehead.

Varma confirms that after a treatment, clients leave with an increased awareness of what promotes balance within their minds and bodies. “The most important thing is to have a connection with yourself and then nothing can bother you,” he says. “It’s vital to have that awareness. You need to grow within yourself to make sure you’re not affected by what’s around you. Don’t listen to the messages that are delivered to us by society. Instead think this is how I am, and I am beautiful.”

Suraj Varma will be at Pure Seven from June 17 to 29, 2019. Appointments are limited and in high demand.
For more information and reservations, contact our Spa team: 
E: spa.ibiza@7pines.com           T: 971 195 200


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