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Art at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza

It might be an unwritten rule but whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions count. In fact, science has proven that we have a seven-second window before our brains automatically form judgments of a place, person or situation. We believe this is a very important factor to consider, and in some ways, it’s behind everything we do here at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza – because what’s of utmost importance to us is that our guests feel relaxed, welcomed and stimulated all at once. There are many ways to achieve that aim but undoubtedly one of the most poignant is through art.

The team behind the creation of Seven Pines Resort Ibiza place a strong emphasis on the art exhibited throughout the resort. From brightly-coloured murals and detailed drawings in the communal spaces, to beautiful works of photography in each of the rooms – every piece tells its own story and invites the guest to delve into the frame and do the same. Art should challenge and inspire and that’s exactly how we want guests to feel when they stay with us – whether that’s manifested by relaxing around the pool, taking drinks at sunset or dining under the night sky, the manner in which guests choose to pass time here should be echoed by the resort itself.

"Art should challenge and inspire"

Consequently, we enlisted a string of international, talented artists to exhibit at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, the first of which you encounter as soon as you step foot inside our luxurious lobby. Our check-in process is laid-back and totally casual, so we invite guests to take a seat atop the taupe-hued sofa, present them with a sparkling welcome drink and then allow time for the surroundings to sink in. These first moments of the trip should be cherished, and so we leave you to complete the check-in process at leisure, completely unhurried.

It’s during this time that you might start surveying the stunningly designed reception area of the hotel, and when you might first lock eyes on our spectacular centerpiece, Last Time Around the Sun Before the Birth of Our Son by Amir H Fallah. An Iranian artist raised in the USA, Fallah is based in California and prominently features his hybrid heritage as inspiration for his paintings. He’s also strongly influenced by childhood memories and cultural legacies, meaning his work is often a comment on memory, destiny and dreams — all poignant themes for a holiday taken on the white isle.

This particular work is visually, extremely arresting. A black, circular hole with a circumference that’s entwined with myriad species of rainbow-coloured flowers depicted in vivid detail. And, courtesy of Fallah’s customary layering technique they seem to come alive on the surface of the canvas, beckoning the viewer inward to discover what lies beyond. Much like the island itself, Fallah’s painting draws you into its world – what you find there is entirely down to personal interpretation.


Elsewhere, you’ll observe three works by acclaimed German artist, Willehad Ellers, otherwise known as Wayne Horse, who spent many years on the graffiti scene before moving to Amsterdam to study at the RijksAkademie. These days, his work straddles many genres, but his drawings are prolific and widely renowned for their expressive and playful tone; often a comment on the bizarre but strangely compelling nature of humanity. Fitting then, that these works should be showcased at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, for no island on Earth is as open or accepting of mankind in all its guises – for better or worse.

The first of Ellers’ contributions is entitled Ibiza. A roughly drawn depiction of a pool party attended by sybarites, it’s a clear nod to some of the island’s more hedonistic leanings. Then there’s Glück Auf – an entanglement of limbs and big buttocks; heels and bottles of wine. Finally, there’s Das Grosse Fest, in which masked subjects dance and glide through what appears to be a hall of great magnificence. The connotations of these drawings are of course, entirely subjective, but always worth viewing with a slightly wry smile and tongue in cheek.

"Düsseldorf-based Jocopix exhibits his photographic prints on the walls of every one of our 186 suites."

Düsseldorf-based Jocopix is the final artist exhibited at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza, and his photographic prints are dotted on the walls of every one of our 186 suites. Real emphasis was placed on creating works of art that mirrored the luxurious, independent spirit of the hotel so no two images are the same. Almost every photo chosen was taken in Ibiza (and if not, then somewhere else in the Balearic Islands), and while some shots were planned, others were snapshots of moments that came and went while in production.

The result is a series of carefully selected concepts – a line of boats here, a moody seascape there – each adapted to match the decor and furniture of the room, and subsequently incorporated into its actual design. So perhaps don’t hold on to your first impressions for too long – look closer – there is much to be learnt about Ibiza hanging from these walls.

"there is much to be learnt about Ibiza hanging from these walls."


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