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There’s an increasing awareness in western countries that modern medicine’s approach to health isn’t as all-encompassing as we’ve been led to believe. While there’s no denying that technology and highly trained specialists are irreplaceable and have saved millions of lives – consider surgery and antibiotics, for example – there’s also a growing sense that for more deeply rooted issues, current methods aren’t quite hitting the mark. Conditions like chronic pain, hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety are manifestations of problems that present themselves both physically and mentally, and many people are coming to realise that perhaps the most long-lasting solutions to these don’t lie at the bottom of a pill pack.

"Traditional Chinese Medicine"

Unsurprisingly then, there’s a growing focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, a holistic practice rolled up among thousands of years’ worth of history and knowledge, which focuses on the body and mind as one intrinsically linked whole. Based on the ideology that everything within us is connected, the aim of TCM is to prevent or heal disease by maintaining and restoring the balance of energy that flows through the body – what’s otherwise known as qi. The primary belief is that a person is well when they exist in total harmony and when this isn’t the case, symptoms arise, leaving little clues along the way about the underlying source.

When the body is out of a sync (and therefore demonstrating symptoms), a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner weighs up the evidence – taking into consideration factors like the patient’s smell, hearing, voice vibration, touch and pulse – and then devises a treatment plan to restore equilibrium. Often this includes herbal remedies, which are chosen for their signature energy vibration and designed to strengthen organ function and overall wellness by working in unison with the body’s own vibrational force. Each herb plays a different role in reinforcing the body’s ability to heal, and is most potent when combined with other herbs of a differing nature.

Aside from plant-based formulas, acupuncture also acts as a fundamental pillar of TCM. Again, this revolves around the tenet that qi – or life force – surges through the body via a series of invisible channels known as meridians. This energy network connects everything within us, from the most vital organs right down to the tiniest atoms, and even consciousness itself. By using a collection of thin needles, which are then inserted into specific points along meridian lines, practitioners are able to adjust the body’s qi – a redirection of energy that subsequently relieves pain, alleviates stress, and has myriad positive effects on well-being.

"dr. rui pedro loureiro residency at pure seven"

It’s this fascinating combination of cause and effect that first lured Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro to study Traditional Chinese Medicine – that and an aversion to office life. “After I finished my mathematics major, I realised I wasn’t someone who was supposed to spend his life at a computer,” he recalls. “I’m a people person, and I want to heal people.” An internationally revered TCM doctor and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Loureiro is the head of the Chinese Medicine Department at St Louis Hospital in Lisbon, and this summer, from September 1 to 10, 2019, he’s hosting a visiting practitioner residency in our wellness centre, Pure Seven, where he’ll throw open his doors to islanders and visitors alike.

“For me, TCM is like a mental chess game,” he explains. “You put a needle in the hand and it treats the head – it’s like a magic trick.” Though of course, this particular kind of sorcery is based on generations and generations of knowledge, built slowly, brick by brick. It was Dr Loureiro’s desire to immerse himself in that which led to over two decades of dedicated study. “For the past 20 years I’ve done nothing but work and research,” he says. “Even thought the practice is 4,500 years old, I still discover new things.” Small wonder he’s as enthralled by the practice now as when he first started.

During his residency at 7Pines Resort Ibiza, Dr Loureiro will host a series of tailored, one-to-one sessions designed to meet the needs of each individual. “I don’t treat illness, I treat people,” he explains. “I collect data about symptoms and lifestyle and try to understand the source of the problem.” Once he’s figured out what the issue could be, he approaches it holistically. “We’re not concerned by one symptom,” he says. “The body is already telling the story about the patient’s illness so now we need to rebalance that. Fortunately, TCM is very good at getting to the source.”

And so is Dr Loureiro, who is widely regarded as one of the very best in his field. “My speciality in Lisbon is diagnostics,” he smiles. “All the difficult cases come to me because I like trying to solve the puzzle.” This means that during sessions you’re in very experienced hands – whether it’s a medical problem you want to discuss, or you’re simply looking for an aesthetic freshen up. Treatments during his tenure include acupuncture for any problem, facial rejuvenation, anti-cellulite treatment, full epigenetic test, and a quit smoking for life program which minimises cravings and simultaneously soothes the nervous system, with unparalleled results.

"our role as TCM doctors to explain the body to our patients"

Dr Loureiro admits that the holistic nature of TCM can sometimes be at odds with the expectations of western clients. “Westerners ask doctors for a fast response because they want to be better tomorrow,” he explains. “But doctors can’t perform miracles. That’s why it’s our role as TCM doctors to explain the body to our patients – and once we do it all makes sense. Everything is connected.” 

Contact our Wellness team directly to book a session with Dr Loureiro during his residency at Pure Seven:

E: spa.ibiza@7pines.com                   T: +34 971 195 200


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