Cliff diving into the unknown

Picture the scene: you’re standing at the edge of the world. Blue sky looms above, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea spreads out below. The sound of a pine forest thrumming with life radiates in your ears – that and your own voice, which is repeatedly telling you to just jump. There may be a slight falter, but before you know it you’ve leapt from the precipice and you’re now flying through the air, wind in your hair, voice erupting in a nebulous but triumphant roar. Mere seconds later, you’re piercing the surface of the water, merging into the great blue abyss like a star in a midnight sky.

Cliff diving is at once terrifying and utterly exhilarating, and understandably so – the courage to launch yourself from a clifftop doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. It takes effort, bravery, and an awareness of the landscape around you, but it’s these elements that combine to make it one of the most adrenaline-boosting sports around you. It pushes you outside of your comfort zones, forcing you to confront lingering fears. It empowers, allowing you to transfer the sense of achievement you get from a successful jump into the real world, and it promotes a poignant affinity with nature.

"the CLIFF DIVING experts you want in your corner are RockID Ibiza Outdoor"

Needless to say, it’s essential to take caution when jumping. Those vaulting from the highest heights are supremely trained athletes with the physical disposition and knowledge to bound off clifftops up to 25 metres high with confidence. For beginners and the less experienced, it’s crucial to take direction from an expert who can offer advice on location, execution and conditions. Then, as you grow in experience, it’s possible to increase the height and difficulty of your jumps. Here in Ibiza, the experts you want in your corner are RockID Ibiza Outdoor, a team of adventure-seeking individuals whose prowess and know-how is renowned.

“Cliff diving is more than just a popular sport,” explains RockID founder, Ismael Madrigal. “Often it’s something that people need to do as a form of therapy – to see how much they can test themselves.” And it’s true, there’s no better way of exploring your own inner mettle than be putting yourself at the centre of what could be a potentially frightening situation. But luckily there’s a team on hand to lead you through it. “We do it in very safe conditions, preparing people very slowly, and little by little encouraging people to jump higher. It’s a total thrill,” he adds. “We’ve had people of all ages and from all different places jump with us.” You don’t even need to know how to swim – the quality of buoyant life jackets available make the sport accessible to everyone.

"The Thrilling IBIZA CLIFF DIVING Sessions"

Each cliff diving session is around two hours long, suitable for all ages and abilities, and involves a three-step process – take off, flying, and landing. “The take off is the most important aspect so you get away from the rocks,” Ismael affirms. “That first leap has to be a decision – you’re not falling, you’re jumping.” The good news is you only get to this point with a lot of preparation, so you’re never standing there unprepared. There’s a 15-minute session on land to warm up the body, then 30 minutes doing practice jump techniques in the water. “You land as straight as possible, tensing your entire body to minimise impact,” Ismael explains. Finally, the remaining hour is used to put it all into practice, over and over again.

RockID organises absolutely everything on the day of your jump – from finding the right location in Ibiza (there are plenty of great locations near 7Pines Resort Ibiza) possible to checking the wind and tide conditions. They bring GoPros, ropes, nets (in case of jellyfish), life jackets and expertise – the rest is up to the jumper. “The concentration you need is comparable to rock climbing,” Ismael explains. “Your head has to be very focused because you’re constantly fighting demons. Fear increases when you’re on the rock so you can’t think too much, you have to trust that your body will know what to do.” The key message is that only you have the power to overcome your anxieties, so when the moment comes, how will you respond?

"when YOU finally do it, you feel so empowered"

Most people surprise themselves with a sense of tenacity they probably never knew they had, leaping into the unknown with verve, but for those who don’t make it, there’s never any judgement. “We try to give people the drive they need to complete the jump because when they finally do it they feel so empowered,” Ismael explains. “But if they don’t manage it, we tell them to leave with acceptance and not frustration. The only competition is with yourself so be present and connect with your passion and your energy – that will give you the answers you’re looking for.” Ismael’s own cliff diving journey began in 2013 – although he admits that growing up in Ibiza, he always felt a connection with jumping off the rocky coastline into the Balearic Sea.

He had returned to Ibiza after many years spent living the expat life abroad – at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next and seeking inspiration. While trying to find his place – in Ibiza and life itself – Ismael met his future wife, who encouraged him to chase his dreams. On his bucket list was cliff diving in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is held; Ismael made the proverbial and literal jump and has never looked back. As a fascinating new universe opened up to him, he set about training with an Olympic coach in Gran Canaria – who he continues to train with every winter to this day – and started scouring Ibiza for the best places to host cliff jumping sessions while building a community of like-minded jumpers. Today, they host professional jumpers, production teams and our hotel guests alike – for Ismael, it doesn’t matter who he is jumping with, the wow factor is always there.


The mental test of self cliff diving brings also has the added bonus of discovering Ibiza’s spectacular natural beauty. In fact, Ismael admits that the thrill of the jump often comes second to spending time with islanders and exploring its unique landscape. RockID also offer excursions on both land and sea to showcase all the island has to offer. Ultimately, cliff diving is about pushing personal boundaries, and having an inspiring time in the process. “Overcoming your limits is the best feeling in the world” Ismael concludes. “You become so connected with nature that you feel like a different person. We are not birds, however when we jump, we fly. We’re not fish, but when we enter the water we’re like dolphins. Something magic happens, every time.”

Contact our guest relations team if you’d like to take the plunge and go cliff diving with Ismael and his team in Ibiza.

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