Anchored in the moment with Hamir Kaur

In recent years, there’s been a trend towards harnessing the powerful energy within ourselves in order to seek and find balance. The world of wellness has grown from an alternative subculture into an essential element of daily life, and whether it’s through yoga, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, Reiki, chakra rebalancing – or perhaps a combination of all of the above – people all over the world are coming to the realisation that channeling energy in a positive way is vital when it comes to living their best lives.

"Yoga is a practice that builds strength both inside and out"

Yoga is a practice that builds strength both inside and out, promoting the acceptance of the present, and focusing the mind, allowing students to switch off from what’s going on around them while remaining clear-minded. Each strand of yoga is totally different, embodying its own unique set of benefits. Kundalini Yoga, for example, is both a physical and spiritual practice that incorporates movement, breathing techniques, meditation and mantra chanting. All of this combined stimulates the nervous system, releasing pressure and providing a potent sense of exuberance. Conversely, Yin Yoga, is at the other end of the scale. This slow and considered practice allows people to relax on their mats and subsequently into their bodies. Working with the meridian energy channels located throughout the body, settle people into their breath, and encourage a state of meditation that leads to acceptance.

The chakras are the seven points of spiritual and physical energy that course through our bodies. Each energy centre is responsible for specific functions, and when they’re working in alignment, the body is able to function at an optimum level. When they are unbalanced, however, it can be a catalyst for any number of issues that affect each individual differently. Chakra bowls can be placed and played on the body to bring them back into alignment. The Japanese art of Reiki works in a similar way, but is administered by the hands. Meanwhile, the practice of gong therapy, in which the sounds and vibrations of the instrument are used to rebalance energy in the body, is an inspired ritual that promotes total relaxation – the sounds of the gong are believed to relieve stress, in turn calming the mind.

"From August 15 to 25, 2019 Hamir Kaur will be offering her expertise"

Our Visiting Practitioner Program was created to introduce many of these specialties to hotel guests and visitors, with internationally recognised specialists taking up residency at the resort on a monthly basis, during which time they’ll be available for group activities and special one-to-one sessions. From August 15 to 25, 2019, the inimitable Hamir Kaur will be offering her wide-ranging expertise on a number of philosophies designed not only to promote release and healing, but also to encourage behaviour that ensures we’re the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be.

For Hayley Shoesmith – who now goes by her spiritual name, Hamir Kaur – the fascination with the energy that links mind, body and spirit began when she was just a teenager. As a long distance cyclist, she became aware early in life of the impact physical activity has on the feeling of general wellbeing – how the hormones created during exercise can create a rush; how the dynamism of movement promotes balance, health and stimulation. This formed the foundations for a career that’s spanned international competition, sports psychology, sound healing, yoga, fitness consultancy, gong therapy and a specialism in the treatment of trauma.

Hamir Kaur is a passionate believer in the potency of gong therapy AND INCORPORATES IT IN MOST OF HER SESSIONS. 

Opportunities for bespoke one-to-one consultations are available during her residency, and during these appointments, Hamir Kaur assesses the most resonant form of treatment for the individual. “This an opportunity for someone to come to me and have a chat about how their life is,” she says. “Then I work out what it is we need to do to enhance that. It’s all about energising ourselves and embracing our power within.” She achieves this through a combination of chakra balancing and Reiki, both healing practices that help reboot and rebalance the body. In addition, she will be teaching Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga sessions in the mornings.

“Yoga is a process of connection,” Hamir Kaur explains. “It can be hard, but that’s the key in allowing people to have their own experiences; it’s how they’re able to connect with their own energy.” Kundalini Yoga is less about flexibility and more about energy. “Raising people’s vitality and increasing calmness – that’s all we’re doing with Kundalini yoga,” Hamir Kaur affirms with a smile. “Through yoga postures we become open to the energy within us and are able to feel its potency. It’s a strong, dynamic practice.” At the opposite end of the spectrum, her Yin Yoga classes are much more calming. “Yin means moon so we’re connecting to nature and that cooling energy,” she explains. “But the postures remain strong. The session finishes with a gong ceremony, which is a way to manifest everything that’s occurred during the class.”

Hamir Kaur is a passionate believer in the potency of gong therapy. “The gong neutralises anything that needs to be soothed,” she explains. “It’s a truly transformational tool.” A special, one-off session entitled Full Moon Gong Bath and Cacao for Transformation will also take place on August 15, 2019, when the power of the full moon will be harnessed alongside cacao plant medicine – what the Mayans referred to as ‘the water that runs through the heart.” Gong sound bath sessions will also be part of the sound healing treatments on offer, in addition to deeply gratifying, harmonising and rejuvenating chakra bowl sessions. “The chakra is a spinning wheel of energy,” she says. “So I play my chakra bowls and place them on the body so the vibration directly infiltrates the source, which gives them a reboot.”

"Hamir Kaur’s powerful teachings promote change within body and mind, and go on to foster a profound sense of healing."

Overall, Hamir Kaur’s powerful teachings promote change within body and mind, and go on to foster a profound sense of healing. “My aim is to help people create new stories,” she says. “Adopting new patterns allows people to anchor themselves to the moment and that’s a great form of support.” Importantly, she’s keen to share this message with as many as people as possible, and during her stay she vows to mingle among the guests, inspiring them to embark on a new journey. “I am 100% available to every person there,” she smiles. “It’s important we connect as humans.” And as for her thoughts on 7Pines Resort Ibiza? “You are in the presence of pure life force there,” she says. “It feels like I’m connecting to my spiritual home.”

To secure your private or group yoga transformation session with Hamir during this period of high demand, prior reservation is essential. Contact our Wellness team on or call +34 971 195 200. 


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