There’s nothing worse than losing your fitness mojo due to travelling, even when it is for the sake of a holiday and not for work. The expert wellness team at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza understand all too well that the downside to the upside of being in Ibiza is that you may end up skipping workout sessions and ultimately taking a step backwards in your wellness goals. To help combat holiday disruption, the wellness spaces at the resort have been designed to make staying on track enjoyable, easy and aspirational. Our mission is to reconnect body and mind for guests and visitors by providing the latest equipment, classes, treatments and methodologies, all laid out in one of the most exquisite settings imaginable.

Flooded with natural light and boasting spectacular vistas of the sea and horizon, Pure Seven – our luxurious wellness centre – flows over two levels, each of which is dedicated to providing the highest quality health and wellness experiences to visitors and guests alike. The upper-level gym has been so popular with guests, that we recently took the opportunity to renovate and extend it in the off-season in order to deliver the latest equipment and more fitness options. For self-guided sessions, our slick new LifeFitness cardio machines include treadmills, cross trainers, strength machines and stationary bikes. Multiple adjustable benches make weight lifting safe and convenient, and there is plenty of space to stretch out indoors and outside on the terrace, whether you’re warming up or cooling down. Staying fit and healthy has never been so relaxing.

We have a team of qualified and discreet personal trainers ready to step in with cross-training, strength building, functional training, high impact interval training (HIIT) or weight loss programs designed to your specific body type and goals. The melding of indoor and outdoor spaces at Pure Seven allows our trainers to create engaging, fun and challenging private sessions against a stunning backdrop of sun and sea. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or getting back into the groove, our team are there to guide, support and encourage. Whether it’s a few days of your holiday, a week-long package or a specifically tailored retreat, you can take full advantage of our gym services alongside spa treatments, nutritional and personal coaching, setting you up perfectly to continue your transformation at home.

The lower level of Pure Seven is dedicated to yoga, Pilates and meditation. Sunlight streams through the two-storey glass atrium, creating a sense of spaciousness and release. The wood flooring is soft to the touch and designed to absorb impact. Mats, blocks, straps and accessories are all provided, and your practice is conducted looking straight out to sea with the mystical rock of Es Vedra rising out of the blue. Weekly classes are complimentary for guests, while visitors are welcome to arrange a drop-in pass, and private one-to-one sessions can be arranged directly with our spa team. Our yoga instructor adjusts each class to the needs and experience of their students. If you are new to yoga, there is no better place to get started and if you’re a more experienced yogi, there is no finer location to go deeper into your practice.

Meditation has long been noted as an antidote to stress, anxiety, low moods and a host of other physiological conditions. It has also been cited as a key factor for high performance in sports and the business world. Long-time meditators love our light-filled space and those new to the practice can enjoy a private or group session to ease them into the revelation of meditation. Finding your Zen has never been easier. After your session – whether meditation, yoga or a fast-paced workout – our water circuit is designed to augment your wellness and relaxation with saunas, ice baths, pressurised shower jets and a plunge pool.

Our approach to fitness is holistic and inclusive. There’s nothing better than witnessing the surge of happiness that exercise – particularly exercise immersed in nature – can illicit. Our goal is to gently encourage and guide our clients to their maximum potential making sure they also get a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy all that the resort and Ibiza have to offer. Drop by Pure Seven next time you’re at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza, or contact us to arrange a tailored wellbeing holiday – we guarantee it will inspire you to stay on the path of health and wellness in Ibiza.

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