A tour of relaxation duty

There was a time when the very idea of self care seemed indulgent – especially because we all lead busy lives. We have jobs to do, kids to pick up from school and chores to complete – in most people’s daily schedule, there simply isn’t opportunity to stop for a second and relax. But increasingly, we’re finding ways to integrate self care into our daily routine. Whether it’s meditation in the morning or a bath in the evening – easy steps like these ensure we’re able to incorporate relaxation into our day. This is also why more and more people are setting aside time to visit day spas – there’s a realisation that in order to be our best, most efficient selves, sometimes it’s essential to step away from responsibilities and show the mind and body some kindness.

This idea has always been at the core of the 7Pines Resort Ibiza philosophy, and to fulfil the needs of our discerning guests and visitors, we knew that a world-class spa needed to be at the heart of the complex. A refuge where people could rest in the most stunning natural surroundings, the idea was to create a sanctuary for every man and woman keen to leave the stresses and strains of everyday life at the door. The result is our wellness centre, Pure Seven, a temple of blissed out relaxation that speaks volumes about what we stand for as a hotel: time, care, and attention. It’s all about revealing something magical within our guests, and providing the space in which that can unfold.

"Pure Seven, a temple of blissed out relaxation"

The most intuitive way to do that is by creating a unique space to form the foundations of relaxation. Spread across two expansive storeys, with a glass-fronted atrium that overlooks the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the island of Es Vedra, there’s no denying that the aesthetics of Pure Seven go hand in hand with contentment. We scoured the wellness industry for highly-specialised, innovative therapists who’ve studied and practiced around the globe. And finally, we added an ultra luxurious spa circuit, which allows guests to totally unwind before they’ve even stepped into a treatment room.

Each and every treatment should begin with the Pure Seven Relax Tour, a seven-step process that not only lengthens the duration of time you have to unwind, but also has a myriad of its own benefits that contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing. Combine the experience with a treatment that delivers bespoke results dependent on needs, and it’s a recipe that’s hard to beat when it comes to a revived and invigorated sense of self.


The first step of the Pure Seven Relax Tour is the Showers Experience. Hot and cold showers are available, and it’s recommended that guests alternate between showers, sauna and steam room, on rotation. This act promotes vasodilation (dilation of the blood vessels), skin hydration, and of course, relaxation, coaxing the body into a sense of ease. These effects continue into step two – the Steam Bath, where the 90% humidity and 45-degree heat creates steam particles that combine with scent in the room and then penetrate the bronchial tubes, cleansing them in the process. The bravest of guests will alternate this room with the reviving ice fountain.

Step three is the Aroma Sauna, which at 75 degrees and 45% humidity, increases body temperature and causes perspiration, which in turn promotes the elimination of toxins. It also relaxes the nervous and muscular systems, which begin to encourage wellness from the inside out. Next up is step four, the Pediluvium – otherwise known as the foot bath, in which the varying temperature and pressures of the water relieves and improves circulation problems, and in some cases, stops them occurring in the first place.

Step five is the much-loved Scandinavian favourite, the Finnish Sauna. Kept at a temperature of 90 degrees, with just 10% humidity, this is a super efficient way to eliminate toxins from the body through perspiration. We recommend guests spend no more than 20 minutes in here, but that’s plenty of time to lie in on a wooden bench and make the most of the relaxing heat. After a sweaty experience in the sauna, it’s time to move to step six — the Fog Shower. This promotes vasoconstriction, closing the blood vessels at the end of the session, and can also encourage muscle toning.


Finally, for step seven, we invite guests to take a dip in our stunning Spa Pool, which ticks off multiple benefits in one swoop by again, increasing body temperature. It also serves to relax the nervous and muscle systems and improves circulation of the blood, not to mention providing unparalleled alfresco views of Es Vedra in the distance. By this point, guests are totally immersed in a state of leisure, especially in the knowledge that their treatment is yet to come.

Pure Seven is open to both hotel guests (who may access the spa circuit at any time during their stay), locals and holidaymakers (who receive access with any treatment). Throughout summer 2019 we’re offering island residents a 20% discount off the price of any treatment, giving you even more reason to gift yourselves the pampering you deserve.

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